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The Importance Of Learning Arabic In Understanding The Holy Quran

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Holy Quran

Firstly we can discuss about the meaning of the word Arabic language. So basically the Arabic language is the soul of The Holy Quran. We can understand the translation of the holy Quran in any language like English and Urdu. But the most hurtful form of understanding the holy Quran from the depth is the Arabic Language. This language have total of 28 letters. This language is the favorite language of our holy prophet (P.B.U.H) and Allah as our holy Quran has the Arabic language. This language is much similar to Urdu Language but its grammar is totally different. If we read the holy Quran and try to understand then we can see the history of our Arab nation or Arab people. As Arabs are all about Islam and also Islam is all about Arab people and Arab people comes from the “Arabic” Language.

If we understand and read the Quran verses properly in Arabic and make dua  in Arabic language then it gives us more immense and pleasure to enjoy the real spirituality of Arabic language compared to other is very easy to learn the Arabic language and the best way to learn it is through writing and speaking. No language can be learnt without understanding its grammar and writing its basics. The holy Quran is best understood in the Arabic verses. Urdu language words are much similar to the Arabic language. For example in many of the things we say “Alhamdulillah” and we thanks our Allah for great food or any good happenings in our life and same like that we say in almost every prayer the word “Ameen” after each prayer. When we consider the number of Arab people conceived or living anywhere outside of the Arab country, it’s not difficult to judge that how much important the Arabic language is, if just from a quantitative perspective.

Figuring out how to communicate in Arabic – remembering the Arabic letters in order, Arabic letters, Arabic punctuation, and so on – will assist students with accomplishing the accompanying:

  • Better pronunciation and oral communication
  • More projecting etymological capabilities
  • Enhanced psychological dimensions because of prolonged elasticity

Arabic is overall different from English. It is collected from option to left for a beginning, however it furthermore utilizes an alternate letter set and syntactic structure so learning Arabic may take selected time.


Dodge Misguided Judgments

At the point when you get Arabic, the language of Quran, you can rapidly dispose of any misguided judgments and mistaken realities, particularly about your religion. This has gotten amazingly normal, as many like to consume the Quranic exhortations outside the current argument, or state flawed realities about our religion or give inadequate translations. This issue can be immediately settled by having your own, actual thoughtful comprehension of both your religion and the Holy Quran. This matter is vibrant, particularly since many individuals have come to depend on inferred variants of the Quran and other Islamic lessons, making themselves inclined to being kept the sincere lessons and importance from getting Islam, because of one’s failure to straightforwardly speak with the Quran (without an interpreter/interpretation).


The implication of the Arabic language in advancing solidarity and fellowship in the Muslim world has reliably been noticeably felt and focused by true and upstanding Muslim pioneers. They have likewise informed individuals about the significance about the Arabic language for the Muslims and have additionally cautioned against the foes of Islam, especially the Western settlers, who extremely dynamic in redirecting the Muslim brain from the Arabic language and charming it to the bogus fabulousness of different dialects. They have been doing by dint of the political influence, which they have held over Muslim terrains for an impressive period.


Understanding the weightiness of the circumstance and predicting the extraordinary damage that should be possible to the Muslim culture, civilization and the Muslim confidence itself, the well-wishers of Islam raised their voices against this innate threat and urged the Muslims of the world to receive Arabic as their regular language. It is, consequently, the obligation of each Muslim to get familiar with the Arabic language so he might have the option to comprehend the Holy Quran, the Sunnah and other writing on strict themes accessible in the Arabic language.


Allah has told all devotees to comprehend and ponder the Holy Quran. How might a man contemplate on the Holy Quran except if he comprehends the significance of the refrains of the Holy Quran, and for this understanding, it is irreplaceable for him to become familiar with the Arabic language?

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