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What is The Concept Of Beauty in Islam?

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Beauty in Islam

When we speak of beauty in Islam Many may have heard the quote that our dear Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. which mentions “God is beautiful, and He loves beauty.”

According to a Hadith, God is a beauty and is a lover of beauty. This article we’ll briefly look at instances of beauty found in the Quran and look at what God finds beautiful.

Within Islam, Muslims are always looking for ways to pay tribute to Allah and to praise Allah through different words and quotes. There are a variety of Islamic words can be used in greeting people to plead for assistance from Allah and to extol his virtues. One of these Islamic word is the Mashallah Tabarakallah. This covers both physical as well as spiritual beauty.

Beauty in Islam according to Quran

The way that linguists define beauty differs. In English when we talk about beauty typically, we mean physical beauty like an attractive face, gorgeous house, stunning car, stunning handicraft and so on. In contrast it is in the Quran aside from being a reference to physical beauty, the term jam is “l” (jamyl) (also known as beauty) usually refers to spiritual and abstract concepts. For instance in the Quran refers to “beautiful patience,” “beautiful forgiveness,” and the list goes on.

Patience as an example Of Beauty In Islam

The ability to remain calm in the face of tough situations and challenges is an indication of the power of one’s character and soul. A soul that is so vast that it takes all the great things within itself, to say, and doesn’t be frightened or shake.

There are times when a person appears calm, but then shatters this by using words that display the lack of gratitude and patience. But, those with good faith and will are those who’s patience is not exhaust in these situations. And who are not quick to speak phrases that convey ingratitude doubt, anger, and anger. They have “beautiful patience”.

Forgiveness is an instance Beauty in Islam

We did not make the heavens, the earth and all that lies between them, unless we have a dazzling wisdom. In fact, the time for the end of the world is bound to arrive. Therefore, be patient and show forgiveness and tolerance.

In a story, Ali b. Abi Talib (peace be with him) states the meaning of the word safhun jamil (SfHun Jmyl) (also known as beautiful pardon) is a reference to pardoning without fault.

Being Avoided

The condition for this is to be mindful when confronting the words of those around you and their retribution with these words, and also their insults such as saying he is a magician insane poet, and saying that the Quran that he reinterpreted to be an ancient myth. The Prophet also has to cut off relationships and to renounce them with kindness.

The Dress for Going into the Mosque as an example of Beauty in Islam

Physical adornment: dressing in clean and ritually pure clothing, combing one’s hair, applying perfume, and so on. Spiritual adornment: fostering the human traits, moral values, pure intentions and integrity in oneself and such.

Children and Wealth as Adornments

While children and wealth are adore by people however, they are just the adornments of the world and material and will not last for humans for ever. The most important thing one should keep in mind when considering them is that they should not cause us to lose focus or make us forget about the memory of God and the Afterlife.


Beauty is often associate with something beautiful. In the Quran certain verses speak particularly about the word “beauty” while others discuss ornamentation, which is very closely connect to it.

But, many other verses discuss goodness and they all considered beautiful. This article however does not have the ability to address them. Hence only the examples in beauty or adornment are examine. But, the entire Quran includes is beautiful since it is the words of God. Thus we should gain the maximum benefit from studying and reciting the Quran.

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