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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Reciting The Holy Quran

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The Holy Quran, revealed by Allah on our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), has been proving Itself the most precious Book in history for over 1400 years. The Quran is not only a source of achieving rewards or following the path of Islam, but it also has numerous benefits for every Muslim and non-Muslim who recites it.

Even listening to Quranic recitation through the internet, mobile applications, or Quran class online has many benefits, including mental and physical health. Let’s dig into the significant health benefits that this priceless Book provides:

 1. Reducing Stress and Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression are the common mental health issues individuals face, especially youth. The peaceful Ayah the Almighty delivers in the Holy Quran soothes one’s mind and eliminates stress and anxiety.

2. Controlling Heart Rate

Heart rate fluctuation can be risky and deadly, which should never be ignored. The most convenient and quick way to improve heart rate is Quranic recitation. The calming Surahs help relax your heart and body, balancing your heart rate.

3. Improving Memory and Concentration

Memory and concentration are significant factors for every individual, especially for students. However, it has been proved that the Holy Quran helps improve memory and concentration and retain information.

When you recite the Quran attentively, you subconsciously practice maintaining your focus. Furthermore, your memory gets sharpened when you properly memorise Quranic verses.

4. Protecting from Threatening Animal Bites

We all know some animals or insects’ dangerous and poisonous bites, like snakes, spiders, lizards, centipedes, scorpions, etc. These animal bites can be excruciatingly painful and life-threatening. But, with the mercy of Allah Almighty, the Holy Quran can heal these deadly bites, too. The powerful Surahs, especially Surah Fatiha, which every Muslim kid even memorizes, heal these murderous bites or stings.

5. Maintaining Blood Pressure

Allah’s mercy can also be seen in the fact that His words in the Holy Quran also treat blood pressure. The serene recitation of our Holy Book helps balance our blood pressure and keeps our minds in a relaxing state. It proves how The Quran is capable of saving you from various health issues.

6. Alleviating Migraine

The Quran can also heal Migraines, headaches, and other physical pains with its pleasant verses. Its recitation brings a pleasant feeling to your body and reduces all types of pain. That is how powerful Allah’s words are.

7. Preventing Diseases

The daily recitation of the Holy Quran also keeps you away from dangerous diseases, including Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Diarrhea, and heart disease. One can also listen to its serene recitation, which helps reduce diseases’ effects.

8. Healing Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, which causes death to many people every year. Numerous Muslim and non-Muslim scientists have now proved that listening to Surah Rehman’s recitation can even heal cancer.

9. Boosting Immune System

Since reading the Quran reduces stress, it helps boost our immune system and overall health. This way, it keeps us away from illness.

10. Emotional Healing

The tranquil recitation of the Quran also heals our emotional wounds. The Holy words of Allah embrace your heart and soul in a way that provides comfort.

Final Thoughts

The Holy Quran is the greatest gift from Allah to us, which we must value. In the era of advanced technology, where many diseases still have no treatment or the treatments are expensive, Allah relives His people through His Holy Book. So, keep this Holy Book close to your heart, as it has uncountable benefits for yourself.

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