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Why Implement Convergent Billing and Charging via a Real-Time OCS System?

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The words convergent billing and charging are becoming ever so common in the language of telcos. But these are not just some fancy words thrown around but actually crucial for the success of telcos in the current market. An OCS system forms the basis of a convergent charging and billing platform and offers immense value to the operators.

The Value of Convergence in MVNO Operations

Despite the fact that MVNOs have been prevalent in the telecom industry for a long time, they are still an evolving breed of operators. It is a very efficient business model, but very hard to implement. Although MVNOs do pay MNOs for network spectrum and other vital tech resources like HLR, VLR etc., they still have many other requirements. They are dependent on MVNA and MVNE for getting them good deals with CSPs, but is also important that they have a stable and robust telecom support platform. Even more crucially, they need a cutting-edge OCS system that can offer convergence:

  1. Convergent charging and billing functions simplify the creation of invoices and bring in more transparency into billing.
  2. Better control over monetization of services allow MVNOs to stack their offerings in an attractive manner.
  3. Taxation and revenue assurance.
  4. Ready for monetizing emerging technologies like IoT.
  5. Allows existing customers to add new services to their plans more easily.
  6. Improves the quality of customer support as the customers and support reps are always on the same page (because both have clear aces to all the charges incurred)
  7. Single invoice for multiple services is much more convenient for the subscribers.
  8. No need to use separate prepaid (IN) and postpaid (OFCS) systems, real-time OCS performs both types of billing.

For a budding MVNO competing with the big players in the market, it would be very hard to survive without convergent billing solutions. OCS platform is a one-stop solution designed for MNO, MVNO, MVNE and MVNA, and offers many other advantages apart from convergent billing.

Groundbreaking Advantages of Single-Point Platform

A single-point charging platform like OCS can offer these additional benefits for MVNOs:

  1. APIs for fulfilling ad hoc requirements without any need for customizing and overhauling the existing software.
  2. Better security of customer information.
  3. Integrated with major carriers and vendors in the US.
  4. Sends notifications to the customers when they are on the verge of exceeding their allotted quota e.g. data quota or call minutes.
  5. Easy to implement innovative discount strategies like cross-product discount.


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