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Year 2020 and Depression During Covid-19

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Introduction to year 2020:

We were entering in 2020 so excitedly like any other new year. News of some COVID-19 virus was started spreading from the country named China in the last months of 2019 but we were planning for 2020 & we don’t care because people are dying from COVID-19 in some other country. Then day come when 2020 started & COVID-19 too. It spreads like fire in the jungle & the whole planet earth covered under its threat. Millions of people started dying from that crown shaped virus & all the excitement about 2020 gone. People restricted themselves indoors. They stopped greeting each other, stop hugging, stop hand shaking & even stop meeting. There was a complete lockdown in the whole world.

Some people really get worried about their businesses because complete lockdown means no business & no earnings. The workers started enjoying holidays because they were getting paid holidays as per government announces. Students were the happiest creature in this regard. Means everyone was started searching their peace of mind in their own way.

Lockdown & The Wave of Depression

But gradually, when the lockdown prolonged, so it’s started getting worse. It’s obvious that even an introvert started feeling depression in such situation. Then what about the extrovert? A new phase of depression started for everyone. People get offended by staying home. They started hating holidays except students. Students are exceptional case.

Same happened to me. To get rid of such depression, I started thinking that what people from past do when such pandemics attack & there were no internet? What they do to eliminate the feelings of depression?

The only answer I came across, may be they read books, which motivate themselves & help themselves to fight such pandemics. I searched my little library & found a book of Paulo Cohelo which someone gifted me but I never got any time in such internet era to read it.

Fight against Depression

So I sat down one evening & started to kill my depression. The title says, Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo. Before opening its first page, I think to myself that who are alchemist? I remember the term which I read in chemistry when I was in 10th standard which stated that alchemist is a scientist who believed that he can transforms basic metals into gold. There experiments failed but they got fame. That is what I know about alchemist. But the content of the book says that its one of the best fiction book that ever wrote.

Anyhow, I started reading it. It’s a mesmerizing fiction that it’s not easy to exit the door of that book. I finished it within 2 days & after that, I started reading books one by one. I’d completed The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck & Everything is Fucked A Book about Hope both by Mark Manson, Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Holis & a few more.

By reading books, I realized that we can kill our depression by not only using social sites but also by consuming our minds in a fruitful hobby like reading. It can give our mind a healthy growth & we can save ourselves by over thinking, frustration, depression & other mental illness in an era of pandemic.

Final analysis

Concluding the topic, it is said that books are well wishers of human brain. It’s like the exercise does to human body. So in such pandemic, a part of using social sites, exercise your mind by reading books. You can find best books to read in 2020 online as well.

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