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Which One To Choose Between Waterfall And Agile Methodology

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Waterfall And Agile Methodology

Right from the research and development phase till the final launch of a project, there are number of things that are to be considered. The most crucial decision that you need to take prior to the actual development is the type of approach that you should opt for.

Throughout this post, we will discuss about the type of methodologies that are apt for your projects. Our focus of discussion will involve two most popular approaches- Agile and Waterfall methodology.

To know more about the approaches you can consult an established mobile application development company in your nearby areas.

So, without much discussion let us quickly get into the main topic of this post.

Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall methodology is the other name of Liner Sequential Life Cycle Model. In other words it can be said that this model follows an approach of sequential order. It means that the project developers can move to the next level only when the previous stage gets completed.

For instance: The first stage is the requirement gathering where requirement analysis document has to be made. Next is the design stage where the software architecture has to be applied. Third comes to the implementation stage which looks after data retrieval and storage. Then there is a verification stage where testing, installation and debugging are done. Last but not least comes the maintenance phase where errors are scrutinized and functionalities are optimized.

You can find lots of companies offering iOS mobile app development services using this approach.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is that process which facilitates in making changes continuously throughout the entire phase of project development and testing. For example: With this approach you can ensure strong control, better productivity, improved quality, intense customer satisfaction and high return on investment.

Unlike the Waterfall approach, this technique helps in engaging communication and interaction among the developers, end-users, testers and project managers.

Based upon your requirement you can opt for customized iOS app development services following Agile Methodology.

Major differences between Waterfall and Agile approach

a. The project development life cycle in case of agile approach is categorized into sprints. On the other hand, for waterfall technique the same is divided into different phases.

b. An incremental trend is followed for agile approach while the waterfall method follows a sequential process of design.

c. Agile method is regarded as more flexible than the waterfall approach because in the latter the software development is quite rigid to work with.

d. For waterfall approach the team synchronization is quite restricted whereas for the agile there is a high degree of coordination among the teams.

e. For agile methodology changes are constant and progress evolve with time. On the other hand, for waterfall model developers have to work with definite requirements and changes hardly occur.

f. In waterfall approach the total process of development is treated as a single unit while for agile the total project results from a collection of different projects.

Advantages of agile methodology

  • The main focus of agile approach helps in making clients satisfied as they can remain in touch continuously throughout the project.
  • By following this development approach you can ensure that the proposed quality is met consistently.
  • Here the risk factors gets reduced as the agile method depends upon the incremental process.
  • The developers here can interact with clients as and when needed. Due to this teams can work in an organized manner easily.

Benefits of waterfall approach

  • Waterfall approach is better suited for smaller projects because of it’s easy to understand requirements.
  • With waterfall approach, you can ensure smooth and fast delivery of projects.
  • Waterfall model helps you in documenting the projects well.
  • Teams with cross functional competencies can adapt well with this method.

For any mobile application development company it is very important to decide the approaches as it can facilitate in executing projects with ease and convenience. From the above mentioned benefits between two most popular approaches you can opt for the most apt one according to the nature and scope of your projects.

Conclusion: Both these approaches can be associated with iOS mobile app development services. This post gives you a clear cut idea about the distinct advantages of the two. Hence keeping in mind your needs, you can consider the attractive attributes of your preferred approach.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a renowned company offering iOS app development services. He has a knack in learning new techniques to ensure uniqueness in the offerings of his enterprise. He is an avid reader and when not working he follows blogs and articles containing information and project development techniques.

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