September 18, 2021

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Reasons Why You Need a Contraction Timer During Pregnancy

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If you feel that you could be proceeding to labor then a contraction timer will provide you with a concise idea on whether you need to be heading over to a hospital. With a clock or stop watch you can keep a count of the contractions but it is not going to be that precise like a contraction timer pregnancy. One thing for sure this relies to be an important tool for the would be mothers. There are various tools that would record the contractions for you in an automatic manner. Just download and you can go on to share it with your friends and family as well.

contraction timer pregnancy

To use the contraction timer you need to press the start button. The moment you feel a tightening sensation as this can be felt from inside or the hand on your belly. This signals the starting of a single contraction. Once your uterus is relaxed you can press the stop button. Do not start counting in the beginning of one contraction. Once if you have gone on to miss it wait for the next contraction to begin. This contractions needs to be repeated so as to check out the intervals of the contractions. To obtain an exact idea about the contractions you need to have an idea which means around 6 to 8 readings would be needed. This does include the length along with the frequency of the contractions.

The true contractions tend to emerge as cramps from the back and move in a wave like motion. The abdomen does go on to become really hard and the upper portion of the uterus is contracted. With an online contraction timer pregnancy you need to distinguish the true contractions from the false ones. The false ones go by the name of Braxton Hicks that would near once you are reaching the time of childbirth. These are very irregular and are known to vary in terms of intensity. In the case of some women it may feel that they are heading to labor because of such contractions. The most important point to consider her is progression. As compared to the false ones the true ones become stronger and closer with the passage of time. Till the point water breaking occurs, you cannot be sure of having labor contractions. In case if you are using a calculator you can measure them as well.

The false ones take place in the belly and force it to become hard. They are not going to be that painful. They start as 4 to 5 in appear and then fade away all of a sudden. But the true ones get stronger and closer with the passage of time. You can term the false contractions as the ones that is going to prepare the body ahead for the hard days. They are going to emerge in the 5th or 7 th month and before delivery would fade away. You need to identify the true from the false ones.

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