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September 23, 2021

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Pregnancy And Electronic Cigarettes

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cigarette while pregnant

E Cigarette

If you are an expecting mother and into smoking, you might be exploring ways to cut down on smoking. There would be a second opinion on whether alternate tobacco forms help to quit down on smoking. With e-cigarette while pregnant they are battery-operated cigarettes where chemicals are turned on to vapor and then you go on to inhale them.

Does the consumption of electronic cigarettes assume to be a safe choice while pregnant?

The fact of the matter is that electronic cigarettes are not regulated. In fact, you are not even aware of what the kind of chemicals that nicotine might contain is. No studies have given their stamp of approval on the safety aspect and as a cessation bid FDA has not even gone on to approve them.

Apart from this nicotine is rated to be an addictive substance that is harmful to the production or toys with fetal brain development. The risk of SIDS also increases with adverse impacts on lung development. Be it any form of tobacco products, it is associated with still childbirth or preterm delivery. For this reason, it is better to keep away from tobacco or any of its associate products during the tenure of pregnancy.

In case if you are facing a hard issue to quit nicotine when you are pregnant it is better to opt for Nicotine therapy treatment.

Is vaping pregnancy a safe option?

As compared to the regular tobacco products the ingredients of electronic cigarettes do not match up. For this reason, they are rated to be an alternative to smoking cigarettes. As per various study reports that emerged there are harmful substances in the vapor like irritants and carcinogens. Though these components were found at a much lower level than traditional cigarettes but still they did go on to pose a lot of dangers. Vaping could be an option for a traditional cigarette, but in no way you can consider it to be safe. For sure this would not be a viable alternative to cut down on the habit of smoking.

Could Vaping take a toll on your fertility levels?

As per reports, there is not much research done on whether vaping has an impact on fertility. But what we might be aware that there is a definite logic behind this. Vaping does take a toll on the sperm and this is not in a proper way.

In the event of you planning to become pregnant, it is suggested that you stay away from all nicotine-based products. If you are a chain smoker then switching over to e-cigarette would be a nice option as you are ingesting less amount of nicotine. Though studies might showcase the story that Vaping might be less harmful than the traditional cigarette the major chunk of warnings apply and this can have an impact on your fertility levels. The toxins could go on to damage the ovarian follicles and eggs could also be prone to damage by nicotine.

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