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VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting: 3 Reasons To Choose Second Over First

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VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Can you tell us at which stage of your entrepreneurial career you are right now? Have you made your business prominent with years of hard work or just started it? If your enterprise falls in the first category, we expect you to be the owner of a well-established and viral business. But if your company belongs to the second category, we expect your establishment to be small or medium-sized. Now you might be thinking why we are putting such questions before you, right? Well, the size of your business also determines the size of your website. It means the larger your website, the higher the traffic, and the higher the traffic, the greater the server resources you need to manage them. Since high bandwidth dedicated servers costing may put a dent in your pocket, you might want to take the VPS route.


So, before moving ahead, let’s understand the main difference between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting:


How does VPS differ from Dedicated Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server that is physically located at a remote data-centre and works as a virtual shared server for several websites at the same time. In contrast, dedicated hosting is entirely focused on only one website and offers a separate server to host it. Though both of these website hosting services are flexible and scalable to your growing needs, it’s the dedicated hosting that can handle the burden of large businesses. But if your company is not well-known yet and still in the growing phase, you should count on VPS hosting because the dedicated hosting resources would be overwhelming for you. As far as the high bandwidth dedicated servers costing goes, it will cost you anywhere between $104 to $264 per month, while the price for VPS hosting will range between $15.2 to $140.1.


Now that you have a clear understanding of VPS and dedicated hosting, it’s time to delve into the reasons why you should choose the latter over the former.


In a VPS hosting environment, you get fixed amounts of resources at a specific price. If you can’t fulfil your needs within that, you will have to pay more for the additional features, space, or other things that maybe required. Since various website owners share the available resources of a particular server, unfulfillment is a typical affair in virtual private server hosting.


However, the case is not the same with dedicated hosting. When you buy a fully dedicated server plan, you can assume that the entire pizza is yours. It means you will have a dedicated server of your own, and you can use the computing resources as and how you want. In short, the scope of facilities utilization in a dedicated server is limitless.


When you count on a VPS plan, you need bus after bus to manage your website traffic. Even after doing that, if your computing needs are not getting fulfilled, then you can ask for the bandwidth from another site on the same server. But, if your traffic is getting out of control, you need to shift from VPS to the dedicated server.


On the flip side, when we talk about dedicated server hosting, you won’t face such problems at all. It’s because they have a super-charged bus to take care of tremendous traffic. If you have no idea about what “bus” means here, we must tell you that it is a set of conductors that carries data and control signals in a computer system.


If your business has gained ground recently in the market and you have a clear vision about where you want to see it in the next 2 to 5 years, a VPS hosting plan would be an excellent option for you. The reason? It allows you to grow with new ideas and trends down the line. In addition to that, you have the choice to make adjustments to your plans and resources each month.


In comparison, dedicated hosting is for companies that have standardized their strategy and the monthly average of their website traffic. However, you must not forget that you will need deep technical knowledge to scale your business when committed to high bandwidth dedicated servers costing.


The takeaway 

I hope you are now well-informed about which website hosting plans to choose between VPS and dedicated options based on the stage of the entrepreneurial career you are at currently. There is no doubt that you will want to choose dedicated server hosting over VPS any day since it has multiple things to offer. Still, we want to suggest that you make your decision wisely based on your business needs, not your gut feeling. Aside from this, if you need help deciding which hosting option you should go with, contact a leading web hosting provider today and ask for the needed clarification.


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