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September 26, 2021

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Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires travel and tourism guide

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Buenos Aires is a vibrant, bustling, and incredibly large city. At first, from the number of sounds and information, you can simply get confused. Indeed, this is a huge metropolis, the economic and political center of Argentina, where life beats with a powerful stream.

But one has only to take a breath and look around, as the Argentine capital begins to open from a completely different side. On the picturesque streets of La Boca, you can admire couples dancing the tango right on the pavement.

However, in the historic center of the city, the squares are surrounded by magnificent colonial-style mansions, reminiscent of centuries of Spanish rule. In the exhibition galleries, originally Latin American art also appears in all its glory. So, what do you think about it? It is just a small description, many more things are there to see. Just plan your vacation and book american airlines reservations online and let enjoy the finest flying and holiday experiences ever.

Puerto Madero

One of the most prestigious areas of Buenos Aires, which is located on the shores of La Plata Bay. It used to be the location of the old port, but with the construction of the new harbor of Puerto Nuevo, it was abandoned and gradually turned into a criminal area. In 1990, massive construction began in Puerto Madero as part of the renovation. As a result, the abandoned docks and warehouses were replaced by offices, restaurants, and luxury hotels.

Recoleta cemetery

The necropolis is located in an area of ​​the same name. However, it is known as the burial place of famous Argentines who have left their mark on the history of the country. Moreover, many crypts and monuments of the cemetery are recognized as cultural sites. The first burials also appeared here in the 19th century on the site of the former monastic lands of the Franciscan monastery. Buried in the cemetery are 19 Argentine presidents, politicians, artists, writers, and singers.


The monument on Republic Square was erected in 1936 in honor of the 400th anniversary of Buenos Aires. The base area of ​​the obelisk is 49 m², the height is 67 meters. For a long time, residents of the city were cool about this attraction, several times they even wanted to demolish it. But over time, the obelisk and space around it turned into a place for city festivals and social events.

Theater “Colon”

Opera House of Buenos Aires, built at the beginning of the 20th century in a classical style with elements of colonial style. Earlier in the middle of the 19th century, the troupe was housed in another building, which was later sold to the National Bank of Argentina. The stage is designed for 2,500 thousand seats; works by D. Verdi, J. Bizet, R. Wagner, C. Gounod, W. Mozart, and other famous classics are staged here.

Things to do

Cafe “Tortoni”

What to visit in Buenos Aires if you get hungry? Tortoni is one of the TOP-10 most beautiful cafes in the world. Professional recommendations are also related to the fact that the most famous people of the capital, the country, and the world have lunch and dinner here every day.

Take vivid photos in the La Boca area

La Boca is still a poor and even dangerous area with a small bright tourist spot in the form of a small pedestrian street El Caminito. It’s worth a trip here. Take a walk, walk into atmospheric courtyards and take beautiful photos. That’s all. Do not dine in local restaurants or go shopping for street tango and a photo session with tangueros. It’s not worth it.

Dine in Puerto Madero

The modern and most prestigious area of ​​Buenos Aires. It emerged more recently as a dock redevelopment project and contrasts with other areas of the city: green spaces, a space without cars, a promenade with walking paths, and stylish restaurants with terraces.

Go to the Tango Show

The tango show is considered a typical tourist attraction. But it’s kind of like going to an opera in Milan or a flamenco show in Spain. Agree, nowhere in the world you will see a theatrical performance where all the actions and words of the actors use to bespoken in the form of tango. The spectacle happens to be impressive, although it is intended for tourists. Tango shows are cabaret-style. Spectators sit at tables, can order dinner and drinks, waiters are constantly scurrying past, and a show is played on the stage.


Buenos Aires happens to be one of those cities where expectations use to be totally different from reality. There is no well-defined center in the city, which would be convenient to walk around, so it will not be possible to see Buenos Aires in a couple of days purely logistically. Just plan your getaway right away. Airlines Vacations provide completely customizable packages that would allow you to get what you exactly want. Check out now that will take you to your dream destination.

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