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September 26, 2021

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Top 5 tips to extend your car’s life

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Every new car owner wants their vehicle to last as long as possible. It is a considerable investment too, and that’s why you would be betting on its long life. However, it won’t live up to the potential if you constantly ignore maintenance needs. Cars, just like every other machine, need proper care, service, and maintenance. You cannot just leave them and expect them to last a long time. It will only harm the core engine of the vehicle, which is counter-effective to increasing life. If you just bought a new car for yourself and want to keep it running for as long as possible, keep on reading.

There are easy and convenient steps you can take up to extend your car life. It should begin right when you purchase the vehicle. For example, regular oil change or buying parts from a reputed auto parts supplier are essential. You cannot skip on such things as they impact the performance and life of your vehicle. Apart from that, services are crucial to keeping it in a working shape and avoiding big troubles. Let’s go over the tips you should follow to ensure that your car lives up to its potential:

Keep it clean

The importance of keeping your vehicle clean cannot be understated. It not only gives it a sleek and sophisticated look but helps out in the functioning too. For example, it is crucial to wash your vehicle during the winter days. It helps to wash off the road salt, which can cause rust. The rust can easily damage the car’s exteriors if not dealt with properly. Also, the interior of the vehicle should be clean too. You shouldn’t clutter around everything and maintain cleanliness inside too.

Regular oil changes

If you regularly don’t follow the oil changing instructions, your car would suffer in the long run. Your engine needs regular oiling to maintain the efficiency of the parts. If you miss out on this, the engine’s particles can turn out to be just a chunk of metals. Lubrication helps cool them off and increase the life of your engine. You always have to be on top of oil changes and ensure that you do it every 3000 miles. You can also just follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Buy the automotive engine oil to ensure that your car is always in good shape.

Don’t ignore the repairs.

You may think that the repairs like brakes or a failing water pump would only add up to your expenses. However, that isn’t entirely true. You will be spending a lot if the damage increases or if you have to get a new car. Ensure that you don’t ignore any damage to your vehicle and get regular repairs if needed. Car services are also crucial to maintain a good performance.

The tires

You have to maintain an optimum level of air pressure in your tires. It can be difficult and dangerous to drive a car if the tires are shot out or don’t have the correct air level. Also, the tires directly affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and safety too. So, keep an eye on your tires regularly. It would also help you reduce the expense of buying new ones.

Drive correctly

It shouldn’t matter how much of a rush you’re in; ensure that you don’t mishandle the vehicle. Pressing on the brakes or the accelerator constantly can deteriorate the performance of your car. What you should do is always to drive the car smoothly and correctly. Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t think that speeding up and constantly hitting the brakes would help you reach faster. Maintain a proper speed and only hit the controls when necessary.


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