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Some things to keep in mind after you buy online plant

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Yay! The plant has safely reached its new home! And you’re ready to accept it. But there are several factors that you have to consider after you have decided to buy online plant. So, these are the first five things you should do to make sure the new surroundings be suitable for your plant as best as possible.

1.Remove your plant from the box and remove all packages.

Yes, it’s a little apparent, we know. Who isn’t going to unbox a new buy, right? Many people! Many people! We have also for a few days been guilty of having left a packed house float around unopened, but this is not a luxury for us.

2.Remove the plant from the box with care.

Do this outside or in the bathroom, as the contents of the shipping container may have changed and it may become messy, especially if you’ve chosen a potted plant. If you discover the plant is harmed in any manner, now is the moment to photograph it. You’ll have documentation if you decide to request a refund or a replacement. But don’t get too excited just yet; it’s common (and anticipated) for a plant to lose a leaf or two owing to the stress of transportation. Remove all the packaging (we recommend saving some of the packagings for later use, just in case you have your own plants to ship) and check for concealed packing as well (such as ties and growth mesh that can restrict the growth of the plant). If the plant came with a label or any care instructions, don’t dispose of them. Try to stick the tag in the plant pot.

3.If required, replant the plant in the soil. 

Now is the best time to give your plant a home if it arrived without a container. Prepare some potting soil and select a container that is deep enough to allow the dirt to cover the roots completely.

If you ordered a pre-potted plant, however, you should skip this step and let the plant acclimatize to its new surroundings before repotting it. (An acclimatization time of roughly a month is recommended.)

4.Water thoroughly.

After a few days (or maybe a few weeks) in transit, the first treatment a mail-ordered plant need is a large glug of water. Place your plant under a faucet and allow the water to flow into the pot until it comes out the other side to rehydrate your plant all at once. Don’t forget to let the extra water drain out of the pot. 

5.Acclimate the plant to its new climate, gradually.

At first, the plants were in a temperature-controlled greenhouse (most likely), then went through several warehouses or distribution centers via delivery trucks with a little to no insulation, only to end up in an entirely different environment (your home). This may cause stress to a plant very much. 

That is why it is best to gradually acclimatize the houseplant to its new environment. Make sure the transition is as seamless as possible, meaning not to move the plant from complete darkness to full brightness at once, not overwatering it, and not fertilizing it.

Just like anything that is closely related to the plants, it needs one key component to adapt a new plant into your home and your life: patience. Once you order plants online, observe the in its new habitat as it recovers and thrives in its new home, and adjust its care accordingly.

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