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The Benefits That Come with Rich Illustrations

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Marketing teams are going over the top to make the brand and the marketing content stand out in the sea of competition. Indeed, the competition in the business world is tough in almost every niche so the quest to find that one thing that would separate them from others is well worth the effort.

The strategies employed are limited only by the industry, budget, and creativity. Makeup brands often put their faith in brand ambassadors, computer equipment brands thrive on affiliate programs, and your brand might be currently leveraging the powers of social media. But could you do more to raise awareness about your brand?

Rich images are a type of diagrammatic illustrations consisting of symbols or doodles that can present different situations or notions and serve multiple purposes and they can do your brand a lot of good if carefully implemented. So, let’s see how you can use them to your advantage. 

Build a unique brand identity

Brand identity represents the visible elements of your brand (e.g. color, design, logo, etc.) and that is what makes your brand distinguishable. You can, of course, improve it after some time, but in general, you shouldn’t make any changes that are sudden or which weren’t contemplated in depth because consistency is essential to customers.

The first step to building a unique brand identity is to get to know your customers and consider your message. Only after that should you get to the task of finding the right visual elements since knowing your customers’ interests, occupation, age can provide you with tools to attract them.

This is where rich images and illustrations in general come to play: images are powerful, but illustrations often speak louder due to their connection with both words and drawings. Rich images’ form is by itself unique and it is more often used as a tool of achieving results than as a result itself but that is exactly what would make your brand identity stand out. 

Exhibits dedication to your customers

If you believe that customers don’t appreciate small brands who strive to be different, you are sorely mistaken. People are drawn by trends but there is a big difference between teenagers vehemently copying what they see their idols do and wear on social media or an adult Millennials supporting trends.

Millennials actually endorse uniqueness, including small local businesses, and respect and admire the effort of small businesses that work hard to build their brand and reputation. If you make an effort to make rich images and illustrations your brand’s features, you will, in fact, get on the good side of a large portion of the modern audience. 

However, dedication doesn’t necessarily give birth to optimal results and also, it is difficult to keep the same level of creativity, which means that it is sometimes best to leave such things in the able hands of professionals. Many brands are going to Infostarters for rich and unique illustrations they can use for their blogs, products, websites, manuals, etc. Going the extra mile with distinct visual content is something customers recognize and value. 

Make your brand more memorable

Do you know that your website has but a couple of seconds to load and capture your website visitors’ attention before they leave? And how about the rule of 7 – have you heard of the concept that suggests that your prospective customers have to come across your brand 7 times before they remember you and decide to take action?

This rule suggests that you need to expand the influence of your brand across as many channels as possible to get it to be noticed and remembered. Facebook, Instagram, blogs – you should use all in your power to pop up in front of your audience so that they feel you were always a part of their lives.

This rule is indeed a powerful strategy but frequency is not enough and we all know it because otherwise, it can instigate irritability instead of appeal. On the other hand, rich images are refreshingly different and it might need people less than 7 times to see them in order to memorize them and decide to investigate your offer.

Convey understanding easier

Perhaps the most widespread benefit of rich images and illustrations is its power to make complex matters simple. Imagine that you want to, for instance, explain to your customers how to use or clean your product. 

You can invest in a video, but if the video is too long, your audience will not have the patience to watch it till the end. Rich images and illustrations are especially convenient for this type of informative content because you can make a tutorial even more understandable than if it was written as a text. 

The reason we would grasp faster a visual representation of a process than a written or an oral one is due to the fact that our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Our ancestors used cave drawings to communicate and to this day visuals remain the preferred channel of communication.

Final thoughts

There are many benefits to adding rich images and illustrations to the mix, especially since they can be applied to your website, blog, and even your products. What’s crucial is to make them a natural part of your brand identity. 


Lauren is a regular Bizzmark Blog author that has many articles published with the main focus on clients who want their brands to grow in the fast-changing and demanding market. Her personal favorites are successes of small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. She goes through life with one strong moto – Kindness, always.

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