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4 Methods to Fix Computer Overheating

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As is known to all that when computer keeps working, it will generate heat all the time. Especially when you are playing games, you will discover the temperatureof the host becomes very high. Even you can hear the fan overdoing itself.


Heat is a great enemy of computer. In fact, computers are usually designed with heat dispersionso that to avoid them from being overheated. But if the computer gets too much heat due to some reasons, it may become unstable orsudden crashed, or lead to component damage.


To fix computer overheating, I am going to show you some related information, including the reasons for heat in a computer, judgment of computer overheating and solutions to cool down overheated computer. Let’s start the contents.


What Factors Generates Heat in a Computer

Electricity power support is the exact cause for computer overheating. Computer components can’t function without power. The volume of electricity needed by a single component differs on basis of its performing. Some components always generate higher temperature.



CPU, short for Central Processing Unit, is the heart of a computer. It performs many basicfunctions, like input/output,controlling,arithmetic and logic. So, when it is functioning for long time, it will generate a large volume of heats.


Optical Disc Drive

Optical disc drive can also produce a plenty of heats when you are using a DVD or CD. This is because optical disc drive needs to use a laser to spin and read the contents.



GPU, also called Graphics Processing Unit, is an electronic circuit to manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the imagescreation for output to a display device. It is usually to deal with computer graphics and image processing.


Have you ever found that when playing games, computer gets higher temperature than usual? This is because gaming requires the GPU to manipulatecomplex calculations, so that it more heat is generated.


Obviously, there are other components that can generate heat. But compared with the 3 components above, the heatthey produce is very little.


How to Tell an Overheated Computer

The best method totell if your computer gets overheated is to monitor itstemperature. You can make use of some third-party software to do this job. Here are some good choices for you:HWMonitor, Core Temp, HWiNFO, Real Temp, and so on.


CPU overheating is commonly seen. When choosing the temperature monitors, you need to notice that sometemperature monitors are specially designed to monitor the CPU temperature while some are with comprehensive functions. Just choose a needed one.


With the computer temperature monitor, you will receive warning if the computer is overheated. Then, you need to take actions to cool it down. Keep reading the next section to get to know how to fix the overheating issue.


What Can You Do to Fix ComputerOverheating

Except for shutting down your computer directly, you have other methods to fix computer overheating.


Method 1: Clean the Dust onComputer Case

There is no doubt that dust will accumulate in computer casewith creasing time of usage, covering computer fan and blocking airflow. Thus your computer will get overheated caused by the ventilation issue.


Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dust regularlyon your computer case to avoid the ventilation issue.

Method 2: Check Status of the Fan

Sometimes, you don’t know exactly what causes overheated computer when you are not using a CD/DVD or playing games.  In the case, just go to check whether the fan is working normally or not.


Check Status of the Fan

Method 3:Place Laptop on a Hard Surface

If you are a laptop user, this method is very useful. In general, laptops dissipate heatand suck in cooling air through the bottoms. Uneven and soft surfaces will obstruct the airflow, like pillowor your lap. So, if cooling is blocked, heat builds up, and eventually the laptop is overheated.


To avoid these scenarios, you just need to keep the laptop on a hard and flat surface to make sure the clear airflow.


Method 4:Use a Laptop Cooler or Cooling Pad

Laptop cooler and cooling padmeans additional cooling is provided. They can help you to cool down an overheated computer. However, getting a wrong cooler may make the problem worse. So you need to know the correct place of the flow of air into and out of your laptop.


How to Recover Data from a Damaged Drive

Fortunately, if your hard drive gets logically damaged due to computer overheating over time, how to rescue the files saved on the drive?


Don’t worry. What you need is a piece of data recovery software.MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a free file recovery tool, can be used to recoverfiles from not only hard drive, but also memory card, SD card and other storage devices.


After downloading and installing this software on your computer, you can begin to recover data from the damaged hard drive in following steps.


  1. Launch the program to enter the main interface.
  2. Activate This PC recovery module and select the target drive to scan.

  1. When the scanning process comes to an end, you can see all scan results listed by path. Open each folder to find what your need. Alternatively, you can use features Find, Filter and Preview to locate the files quickly by their names or types.
  2. 4. Select the needed files to recover by clicking Save. Specify a storage location to keep them.


If you need to use this software to recover your files from a failed computer, just upgrade it to a full editionso that you can boot into it and recoverdata.


Bottom Line

Overheating is definitely athreat to computer when overclocking your CPU or graphics card, which causes components to run hotter and hotter. So, in order to fix computer overheating, it is necessary to take actions to cool down the components.


If you are just suffering computer overheating issue, take it easy now. I hope you can find a suitable way to resolve the problem.Don’t forget to discuss with us your issue in the comment section below, we will provide you the effective solutions.

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