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The Basics of Horse Racing and Riding

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Becoming a qualified horse rider is no simple or easy job. It might even be considered as something as intense as obtaining some sort of professional qualification. There is quite a bit if hard work involved in the process of becoming a pro at it, and also quite a lot of things you must have an insight about. Here are a couple of the basics any rider would know for a start.

Horse Racing

Every rider would be a master in terms of knowing their horse inside and out. As you know, horse riding is not all about racing, winning races, and breaking records, but about how well you know your horse, how you are able to control him, communicate with him, and how well you take care of him. You should know his moods, what angers him and what calms him, and whether he is ready for a race or a ride, or not. Your connection with your horse says quite a lot about yourself as a successful rider.

horse riding


You wouldn’t really qualify as a rider if you do not have a good awareness about riding gear, both for you and your horse. You need to know the types that are available, which ones are better than the rest, where to get the good stuff, and most importantly, how each of them works.

You also need to acknowledge the importance of using the right gear, and not overlook the fact that gear is beneficial for both yourself and your horse. In the case of damaged or missing gear, you need to make sure you do not engage in any riding until you’ve gotten them replaced.


Sadly, a commonly seen scenario is that riders tend to neglect horse stables and do not take maintenance seriously. It is vital to have a thorough knowledge and understanding about stables – the features and designs of a decent one, the maintenance aspects of it, and other important factors to consider when you built and renovate them. Stables could have a significant effect on your horse’s moods and wellbeing; thus, it is important not to turn a blind eye to it.


Riding horses is an art that takes skill and passion if you want to master it. Expert riding requires practice and guidance. You definitely cannot simply get on a horse and take off in the first few times. This could in fact, be a highly risky thing to do. This, it is essential that you use the right support, practice and guidance until you’ve gotten the hang of it entirely.


Races are meant for skilled riders who have obtained plenty of practice and experience riding. It is not just their skill in riding that makes them great at the sport, but awareness and skill connected to all of the above concerns, too.Another thing about horse racing is that they involve rules, regulations, practices and laws that you need to thoroughly understand and master before you can get yourself and your horse involved.

Horse riding involves art, skill, passion, and effort. However, like every expertise, the basis to it is knowledge, insight, and continuous learning.

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