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Google Assistant – A Brief Intro

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What is Google Assistant?

Google’s assistant is basically Google’s very own launch assistant. Upon its launch, it was an extension of Google Now which was made to be a personal assistant.

Google’s existing ‘OK Google’ voice controls were undergoing expansion at that time.

First, Google Now was the one that pulled out relevant information for users smartly.

It had the knowledge of where its users worked, knew their travel plans, schedules, sports teams they supported and other things of interest to them. Users were often given relevant information worth a lot.

Google Now is defunct, but in its space is Google Assistant. It has fused personalized elements with a diverse range of voice controls.

Google Assistant is supported by voice and text entry. It will also follow the conversation regardless of the entry method used.

What does Google Assistant do?

Commands, searching and activated device controls through voice are the hallmarks of Google Assistant.

Users can complete an array of tasks after a user says ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’ phrases which wake it up. It was designed to give people conversation like interactions.

Google Assistant does the following tasks:

  • Control devices and smart homes.
  • Access information from calendars and other personal information.
  • Find information on the internet, ranging from restaurant bookings and directions to weather and news.
  • Control music.
  • It helps play content on Chromecast or other portable devices.
  • Runs timers and reminders.
  • It will help make appointments.
  • Sending messages.
  • Open apps on a user’s phone.
  • Read users’ notifications to them.
  • Real-time spoken translations.

Continued conversation means there is no need to say ‘Hey Google’ repeatedly and for follow up requests.

Instead, once users have started talking to it, it listens for a response without needing a trigger phrase all the time.

Google Assistant is able to recognize voice profiles for different people hence it can recognize who is it talking to and it then creates responses accordingly. Users can also ask for many things at a time.

As Google Assistant knows users and understands context, it will react in an informed manner.

This gave voice control a lot of power and moved it from a reactive to a proactive state.

In the near future, Google is sure that the assistant will be able to call and book appointments for users and do more with relative ease.

It is designed to be proactive and help users in their daily lives. The Google Assistant was made to be more of a helper.

However, there are times when it proves to be too nosy and users are wanting out of it.

How to turn off Google Assistant?

If users want to turn it off completely on any of their devices, They must follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google App.
  • Tap on More at the bottom right.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Tap on Google Assistant.
  • Scroll down to Assistant Devices and tap on Phone.
  • Tap the Google Assistant toggle which will turn it off.

On the other hand, users can say ‘Hey Google, turn yourself off’ to get directions on how to turn it off with ease.

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