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Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Keyboard

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Clean Up Your Keyboard

A keyboard is the main component of a computer that is also considered as one of the important parts of the computer. We all know that keyboard helps in typing and hassle-free copywriting services. In fact, we see many people prefer to use a keyboard with their laptops just because they feel comfortable with the keyboard, as it helps in quick typing. Despite looking at the use of a keyboard, the essential thing is to keep the keyboard clean and neat. How to clean a keyboard is also a concern of users when they emphasize more on its quick working? Of course, keyboard works great when it is maintained and kept clean on a regular basis.

Keyboard Maintenance Tips

In a normal routine, people often use computer keyboards with desktop computers nowadays. Hardly we see people use keyboards with laptops. Luckily, if you are addicted to using a keyboard with the laptop, then you must be aware of its maintenance as well. No matter you are using an old keyboard or you have got a new brand keyboard. How to clean akeyboard must be your top priority? Further, if you are a professional who belongs to the field of information technology, then you must clean keyboard on a daily basis. Keep it clean and neat!

How to Clean Computer Keyboard?

No matter we use a laptop or a desktop, the process of cleaning must be practiced for the whole machine. But for laptop, the cleaning is little technical because there is no such cleaning tip available when we particularly talk about keyboard cleaning. It is an understood factor that we mostly don’t clean our computers especially the keyboards. Why do we skip cleaning a keyboard? It is because the keyboard is a little tricky to clean. Here are some tips that will help you to clean your keyboard at

Clean Up Your Keyboard

Prepare your keyboard for cleaning

The very first thing is to prepare your keyboard for cleaning if you are ready and going to clean it. The very first thing is to turn off your computer and plug out the keyboard from the port. No matter you are using a desktop computer or laptop, just unplug your keyboard after switching off the device. Cleaning keyboard is little tricky job that needs special expertise and hand working and also some precautions. As we discussed the unplugging of a keyboard from the computer is the first precaution that should be followed whenever you make mind to clean up your keyboard. In the preparing step, you just turn off the keyboard and make it ready for cleaning.

Apply a toothbrush between the keys

Once you have unplugged the keyboard from your computer, the very next thing is to apply a toothbrush between the keys. This is the basic thing to apply on your computer, as many people apply brush on the keyboard just to get rid of the dust. If you have applied the brush between the keys, the very next thing is to remove the keys from the keyboard one by one. This might damage your keyboard if you forcefully press keys. Try not to be harsh with your keyboard, just apply toothbrush softly. Now keep brushing your keys column wise and row-wise to remove all the dust. How to clean computer keyboard? It is the best thing to apply toothbrush in all directions of a keyboard.

Dust Removal Spray

You can also use dust removal spray on your keyboard for quick cleaning. If you are not in a mood to clean the keyboard by removing its keys, you can continue with dust removal spray. The function of dust removal spray is to remove all the dust from the keyboard that brings quick shine on the keyboard other than removing the dust.

Use a cotton wool bud and Detergent water

Once you have applied the brush on all the keys, the next thing is to clean the keys with detergent water softly. Get a ball of clean cotton wool and dip it in the detergent water and gently apply on the keys to remove stains. Now keep cleaning all the keys slowly and dip them into the detergent water, this will help you to remove all the stains from the keyboard. It’s a perfect cleaning tip that not only removes the dust but also removes the stain from the keyboard keys, even the detergent water can be used as a keyboard cleaner. It’s the most used thing for cleaning the keyboard.

Use a rubber on stains

After using detergent water on the keys, the next thing is to use a rubber on the stains. Scrub the marks of a keyboard by using rubber, the pencil eraser can also be used to remove all the marks. Try not to drop rubber piece in between the keys. This can create issues with the working of a keyboard, as it slows down the performance of your keyboard. This is the best and easiest way to clean computer keyboards. Are you ready to follow this tip?

Use a kitchen towel to Clean the Keyboard

Once you have applied pencil rubber on the keyboard, the next thing is to use a kitchen towel to clean the surface of the keyboard to make it dry. Well, the keyboard must not be wet once you clean it up with detergent water. It should be fully dry at all when you fix it. It’s a must-do step for cleaning the keyboard!

Use Polish to Bring Shine

How to clean computer keyboard? If you are looking for the instant keyboard cleaning to make it look new, you have better to use polish on your keyboard. What is the role of a polish? It brings shine to your keyboard and makes it look brand new keyboard. Never apply polish when your keyboard keys are wet, first clean it up with kitchen towel and then at the last apply polish. The purpose of using polish is to bring shine in the keyboard, and it is the final touching of keyboard cleaning.

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