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Mean Girls Musical – An Absence of Meaningful Messages

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Mean Girls Broadway

Mean Girls is an outstanding stage play by Nell Benjamin, music by Jeff Richmond, and a novel by Tina Fey. It’s based on the highly acclaimed 2021 movie written by Fey. The play first debuted at the National Theater, Washington, D.C. in October of last year and opened at Broadway in April of this year. The musical has received rave reviews from both critics and audiences.


The Mean Girls musical revolves around three young women – a cheerleader, a dancer, and an aspiring writer – as they struggle to get along in their high school. The movie depicts their dynamic relationship and what it would be like to be part of “any boy’s club.” The musical is an excellent choice for a first-time viewer, as the storyline is easy to follow and exciting to experience. In essence, the plot is the same as the movie, except that the setting and content have been switched around.

Mean Girls Broadway

Mean Girls Musical is a hilarious and upbeat musical that features great performances by many wonderful actors and actresses. This particular Broadway play is a standout that many people are recommending and watching for enjoyment. The musical has received numerous awards and recommendations from numerous people. It’s received three times as many critical accolades as it has earned during its Broadway run.


Mean Girls was originally a short one-day play before its long-awaited Broadway release. However, the play has received such an outstanding cast and crew that it has consistently pulled in ratings well into the millions. The show has continually received rave reviews since it starts. Mean Girls opened in the top ten during its initial run! The show has also won four Golden Globes and was nominated for twelve awards including Best Musical, Best Director, Best Score, Best Original Score.


Mean Girls Musical continues the award-winning story of the young women of both sexes who work together in the Little White House in the early days of America. The musical enjoys strong reviews from adults and children alike. Many people find the musical hilarious and the story delightful. Mean Girls Musical is the newest original broadway cast recording that will be premiering on Broadway later this year.


Mean Girls Musical is being presented by Broadway Playhouse and is expected to begin running at the theater on February 13th, 2021. No official dates have been announced for the musical yet, but we will keep you updated as the dates roll out. For more information, check out If you haven’t seen the original musical, you’ll want to do so!


Original Broadway cast recording of Mean Girls Musical is going to be a joy for parents and young girls alike. Audience members are going to be enthralled with the story of the unlikely friendship between Coraline’s sarcastic cat and her sarcastic human, played by Allison Rossen. The musical is poised to be an outstanding feature in the competitive Broadway cast of shows beginning late February or early March.


Mean Girls’ original Broadway cast recording will be available on CD and will feature music from Coraline, Cees Bebeeld, Keith Urban, and many others. The score features songs from Coraline, Edward Scissorhands, Hair Lights, Edwardogging, Edward Scissorhands, You Can’t Take It With You, and Love. All of these songs were sung by the original cast, which included John Lithgow, Jennifer Saunders, Cady Seargent, and John Heard. Mean Girls has received numerous awards including the Golden Globe for Best Music, the Theater Director’s Choice, as well as winning multiple awards at various Film Festivals.

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