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Wills Disputes – Best Will Dispute Lawyers

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disputes over wills

It is more painful to realize that you were not included in a Will or are being provided for unfairly after the death of a loved one. You will need to hire Will Dispute Lawyers if this is the case.

It is important to determine if you have the right to contest a will. However, you must also know that there are strict time limits. It is crucial to act immediately. You can learn more about contesting a Will in the sections below. Also, consider how you can improve your life if it is done now.

Best Will Dispute Lawyers

Another name for challenging a will is a family provision claim. If the Will is valid and the parties agree on it, but one or more of the beneficiaries claim they were not properly provided for by the deceased’s inheritance, this is called a family provision claim. They would argue that the estate did not leave them enough money to cover expenses such as education and normal living expenses in the future.

To contest a Will, the rules for contesting it will vary from one state to another. Here are some examples:

New South Wales:

  • Husband/wife, spouse.
  • Child, grandchild, dependent.
  • Establish a close personal relationship with the deceased.


  • Husband/wife, spouse.
  • Stepchildren, adopted children and children of stepchildren believed that the deceased was a parent.
  • Person who was a household member at time of death.


  • Husband/wife, spouse.
  • Stepchild, child.
  • Parent (if dependent at date of death).
  • Dependent on the date of death.

South Australia

  • Husband/wife, spouse.
  • Grandchild, stepchild, child
  • Parent (if contributed to the maintenance for the deceased).
  • Sibling (if contributed to the maintenance or the burial of the deceased).


  • Husband/wife, spouse.
  • Children
  • Parents are responsible for children and spouses who die without them.
  • Person who had a close relationship to the deceased and was entitled to maintenance.

Western Australia

  • Husband/wife, de facto
  • Children
  • Grandchild – a grandchild who was being cared for or lived with their parents, if that parent was a parent.
  • Stepchild, who was being cared for by the decedent
  • A parent

Northern Territory

  • Husband/wife, de facto
  • Children, stepchildren, grandchildren
  • Parents

What Is The Best Way To Dispute A Will? Wills Variation

You may have thought that the will of a deceased loved one was sufficient to provide for your family. If you discover that these steps were not taken you will need the wills variation process

Is It Better To Contest A Will Or Challenge One? What’s The Difference?

It is different from challenging a will to contest a will. You can contest a will if you feel unfairly treated by it. You can file a claim to family support.

When a will is challenged, it can be contested. When the person who made the will was suffering from a mental disorder at the time it was created or was forced to modify it, wills can be challenged. These are some of the reasons why a will can be challenged:

  • The will-maker did not have the legal capacity to create the will at the time it had been signed.
  • There were not enough witnesses to witness the signing of the will.
  • The will was not signed.

What Is The Cost Of  Will Dispute?

Costs in estate, Will, and will disputes can vary widely from one case to the next. The amount of work required, as well as the time and manner in which the case is solved, will all affect the cost of estate disputes.

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