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Latest marketing trends that will be relevant in 2022

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Latest marketing trends

If you want to learn about the latest marketing trends, especially about AI, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive deeper into the AI trends.

Artificial intelligence

AI is where machines and computers perform tasks that require human intelligence, such as decision-making and speech recognition. In marketing and advertising, AI leverages historical marketing and sales data to predict the customer’s next step in the sales cycle.

This enables marketers to optimize their customer journey, improving pain points and gaps in the process. AI is increasingly used to help specialists with creative tasks such as creating headlines and copies, logo designs, and generating email newsletters. Analyze data from past customer interactions to “learn” how to perform these tasks effectively and create relevant content.

Why AI is so effective

Simply put, AI enables marketers to analyze, interpret and understand infinite amounts of customer data more than humans. This allows teams to have a much better understanding of how their audience is behaving.

By using this data to predict a customer’s next move, specialists can create new campaigns with a more targeted reach, which in turn increases conversions and ROI. A recent study by consulting firm PwC found that 72% of marketing managers (CMOs) consider AI to be a “significant advantage.” Artificial intelligence and automation take care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up marketing teams to focus on optimization and strategy.

How to implement artificial intelligence

The most popular marketing-related software these days leverages artificial intelligence, so implementing it is a case of adopting the right tool for the business. This depends on the goals and objectives of your company. Chatbot software, AI-powered PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, and AI content creation tools are all common examples of marketing software in use in 2021.

Along with AI, implement direct mail (mix of old and new age)

Direct mail refers to physical marketing material that is sent directly to a potential customer’s home, hence the name: direct mail. They can be brochures and letters with special offers. Compared to the other points in this article, direct mail bucks the trend in that it is not digital marketing, but rather print.

However, direct mail plays an increasingly important role in omnichannel marketing strategies in 2021, with research showing that 70% of people engage with a brand online after receiving direct mail from them. Postcards have become one of the most effective direct mail formats in 2021 – no envelope and short content, they are much more likely to be read than letters and brochures.

It is also more cost-effective than sending traditional mail. Short copy is another trend, with research showing direct mail averaging 62% fewer words in 2021 compared to 2014. The average word count for direct mail in 2021 was just 500 words. Direct mail is definitely the best way to get targeted traffic while another concept could be options to buy website traffic from trusted sources.

Why should you focus on direct mail?

Direct mail is making a comeback due to changes in consumer behavior. With the rise of content marketing and remote working becoming the new normal, many consumers have become ‘numb’ to digital marketing campaigns.

Studies show that 70 percent of consumers value direct mail for its authenticity and its personal nature that makes them feel valued. The same study also found that 56% of physical mail stays in homes for more than 28 days after being received and this naturally increases brand exposure. The sensory nature of direct mail also helps make it effective.

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