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Test Your Knowledge And Make Money With These Play Quiz And Earn Money Apps

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Play Quiz And Earn Money

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Imagine you have won Rs 1000 by participating only in one quiz. Isn’t it exciting?

Well, you can make the correct use of your knowledge and win real cash from various online quizzes and games. You just have to play quiz and earn money. How easy it seems! You can earn money just by spending only minutes and you will get real cash as your reward. If you want to use your spare time in some proactive things which are entertaining, then a quiz is the best choice. 

In online quizzes, you just have to answer simple questions. Users have been given an option to choose the topic of the quiz they want to play and according to that the quiz is prepared. Users who are barely preparing for the exams can use these quizzes to test their knowledge. You will be given 10 seconds to answer a single question and there will be at max 12 questions. If you answer all the questions correctly in the given time, then you will be considered as Winner. 

If you have answered any one question wrongly, then you will be eliminated from the game. Also, apart from playing, if you refer to these apps like GetMega, then you will be given rewards. Below, we have provided the top 5 apps which provide online and live quizzes to the users. You can play a quiz and earn money.

Top 5 quiz apps to make money online

  1. GetMega

Getmega is a popular online gaming app and has a speaker category of trivia that means quizzes. Users can get real money if they win. As soon as the winner is announced, the winning amount is directly transferred to the banks or in the Paytm wallet.

  1. Qureka

Querka is another platform where you can play a quiz and earn money. Querka app has given a scheduled time to start their quiz. The timing of the game is 9 a.m and 10:30 pm. In the quiz, users will be given 10 questions. There are only two possibilities: either you are correct or you are wrong, if you are wrong, then you will be eliminated and if you are the winner, then you can proceed to your game. The amount which you won will be transferred to your paytm wallet.

  1. Brain Baazi

Brain Baazi is another online platform to quiz and earn money. In this app, you will be given 11 questions and the quiz starts at 9 p.m. Here also, you will be eliminated if you give incorrect answers. But here you have life saving points. Brain Baazi Quiz starts at 9 p.m every day and you will be faced with 11 questions from different topics and subjects. In the querka app, you can even use cheat codes to win the game, you can use Facebook to join it. The amount you have won will be directly transferred to your paytm wallet or Mobikwik. 

  1. MobShow

MobShow organizes events twice a day. Here, you can earn double cash. These types of opportunities will make you clearly stand away from the doctors. Only the quiz which is organized at 9pm provides real cash worth Rs 15,000. Ten questions will be answered and you have to answer correctly to win real cash.

  1. Play Prime Time

Playing Prime Time quizzes is quite interesting. It starts at 7:30 and you will be asked ten general questions. You can win Rs 50 just after the registration and later you will get a chance to win upto Rs 100. Other than that, you Play Prime Time will transfer your money to your paytm wallet.


We have provided you with all the information regarding these gaming platforms like GetMega or you can quiz these platforms. In this Covid-19 pandemic, people have earned a lot just by playing quizzes. We hope that you have got the required info for the Top 5 Live Trivia Game apps or you can also say Play quiz and earn money.

Technology has impacted our lives differently and in order to give a positive way to use Technology, these applications provide information quizzes and also provide some cash which might encourage the people to play quiz and earn money. There are many ways in which you can earn money such as watching videos, listening to music, reading news and magazines but quizzes and games are quite interesting as well as productive to the users. You should definitely try the above mentioned apps to earn money such as MobShow or Getmega

However, it is not fixed how much you can earn from these apps but they are reliable and ensure that if you win the game you will be given all the rewards, which you want. Thus, checkout these apps and play the quizzes to earn money. It is still not confirmed how you will be paid either in the form of cash, coupons or vouchers but it ensures to give rewards. Happy earning!

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