September 18, 2021

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Instructions to present a video on Instagram from a PC and from a cell phone: 5 different ways

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Video is not a photo, it is more difficult to work with it. In the early days of Instagram, many third-party services provided the ability to upload videos to social media.

Let’s consider the options for downloading videos from a computer, and also repeat the process of downloading videos in the application for beginners.

From Smartphone

The simplest of the used methods of uploading a video to an Instagram page is uploading directly through the application on a smartphone.

You can upload a video to the Feed-in the following way:

If your video from the Gallery is longer than a minute, you will be presented with two options:

shorten it to the desired size by cutting off part,

upload it to IGTV.

If you choose to shorten it to a minute, you can do it right in the app. The video will be published in the Feed. But if the original video, part of which you want to publish, is longer than 20 minutes, the program will warn you that the video file is too long.

What to do? Truncate it with third-party programs.

If you choose the second option – upload the video to IGTV, then you will be given a time limit of 15 minutes. There will be only a short announcement in the feed. And if you don’t want to, then it won’t.

Uploading videos to Stories is done by clicking on your main profile picture.

Video length is limited to 15 seconds, but if necessary, one long video can be split into several short ones. Here you can also shoot immediately or add from the Gallery. There are many different filters, effects, and more available.

From Computer

It’s more complicated here. Having opened an Instagram page in a browser, it is impossible to upload new content to the Feed and Stories. The exception is IGTV. Otherwise, in 2021, there are only three ways to upload videos to Instagram from a computer.

Through the delayed posting service

The easiest way to solve the problem is with SMMservices. You can upload photos and videos to the Feed, Stories and IGTV. Yes, the service is paid, but for minimal money, you will get the highest pleasure from the video download process. Suitable for those who upload content to Instagram on a regular basis.

To use it, after logging in to the service, link your Instagram and Facebook accounts to each other, and you must also have a business account or an Instagram account of the Author.

Switching to the Author account is not difficult.

After that, you can upload the video to your Feed. But you cannot make a carousel or upload a video in Stories through the service. Alas.

Through the emulator

Another way to download from a computer is to use an Android application emulator. Having installed it on your computer, you will work with applications on the monitor as if you were sitting on a phone.

Consider Blue Stacks.

To upload videos to Instagram, you first need to add these videos to the emulator’s library.

Now a moment about the performance of your computer.If you have 4 GB. RAM or less, then each process in the emulator will take you 5 minutes or more; Simply put – everything will slow down.

Via browser

By opening your page through any computer browser, you can only upload videos to the IGTV section.

When working through a browser, you can download videos longer than on a smartphone, namely, up to 1 hour.


If you are an ordinary user of the social network, and you publish a video from your computer once or twice a year, then transfer it to your phone’s memory and publish it in the usual way. Or use an emulator.

If you regularly publish videos stored and processed on a computer, delayed posting services and the official Facebook service will help you. But remember the limitations: the service on Facebook is pretty fresh, and Stories, carousel, and some other things are not available there. If you want to grow your business just in few days from Instagram plate form then you need to buy Instagram Followers Canada at a very negotiable price.

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