September 18, 2021

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How to achieve flawless base makeup?

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The complete look of the makeup depends upon the base. There are chances that sometimes the base becomes very light and sometimes it becomes very cakey. If you are a beginner that it might be very confusing that what all things you need to buy and how to apply them to get a flawless long-lasting base. There are so many products in the market that have grabbed the attention of many people like the revolution eyeshadow palette which is budget-friendly and also very good in quality.

For applying a good makeup product, the person needs to understand that he needs to buy the product that suits the skin and also is of good quality. Here is the list of steps that the girl needs to follow for achieving a good makeup base. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Cleanse your face: The first very important step is to wash the face with a gentle cleanse. This step will help to remove dust and dirt from the face and make it cleaner. Many people skip this step, but this is the first and very important step that will play a great role in the base of the makeup.
  • Moisturize your face: The next very important step to be followed to moisture the face. for this, you can use the make moisturizer or face oils that suit your skin type. First, you can apply a generous amount of moisturizer on the skin and gently apply it to the face and let the skin absorb it. After that, you can apply face oil or serum whatever you like or have on your vanity. This will add to the hydration of the face.
  • Primer: The most important step that will make your base long-lasting is the primer. Apply a generous amount of this product on the T zone of the face and especially more on the area where you have pores. This will fill up the more and will give a smooth canvass for the foundation to apply on.
  • Foundation: After the primer settles down on the skin, apply foundation on the skin that is exactly matching your face tone. You can apply foundation with tools like a damp beauty blender or foundation brush. But you also use your finger in dabbing motion to evenly apply it on your face.
  • Concealer: Once the layer of foundation is done, you can apply the concealer where you need to have more coverage. First, apply the concealer shade that is exactly your skin tone and after that, you can apply the lighter shade just to highlight the main points of the face and same like foundation apply it in dabbing motion.
  • Powder: To fix all these cream products, there is the requirement of either loose or compressed powder. Apply it all over the face and make sure that there are no fine lines available on the face. After few seconds of powder, dust off the excess, and your makeup base is ready.

These are some of the common steps that every woman should follow to achieve a long-lasting flawless base. Finish this look by applying megalast liquid catsuit matte lipstick.

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