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How Talent Acquisition has Transformed in the Post-COVID World

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The COVID crises have changed the way every industry functions, from recruiting employees to delivering the finished goods. Every industry has shifted from offline mode to online mode for an unexpected period. 

The Covid crises have forced people to adapt the work from home as the new normal. This situation has completely changed the way the human resource or HR department functions.

One could have never imagined virtualizing the hiring process. But this pandemic has greatly impacted the way recruitment as a function, was performed across industries in the post COVID world. This transition has led to the digitization of the entire process, right from screening the CVs to recruiting and onboarding the selected candidates to performance of orientation and employee training. 

To understand this shift even better, check out the three major changes that took place and HR as a function has evolved to adapt to the dynamic work environment, as we all are witnessing today.

  • What to Hire?

The sudden transition from work from the office to work from home has forced people to shift towards technology willingly or unwillingly.

This large scale movement towards technology has resulted in the need for more technical experts across every industry as an essential job title. Every organization is looking for an expert team of technicians to simplify the process of doing business digitally. 

This increase in demand for technical expertise has created a boom for all those who are associated with these skills. Be it fresher or an expert, the demand for both types of people is the need of the hour.

Unlike other job roles, expertise in digital management and technical skills are in huge demand throughout the world. So it looks like these can be the highest-paid and reputed jobs in the present decade until everyone across industries equips themselves with at least the basics of managing technical software.

  • How to Hire?

With the adoption of work from home as the new normal, the process of recruitment has also become digital.

Now companies are hiring individuals through video conferencing, online tests, and simulation games as a medium to test their capabilities for the desired roles.

This digital process of hiring individuals has created a huge demand for recruitment software and platforms which can supervise the candidate while they undergo the entire process.

Disruptive innovations are taking place to upgrade the existing platforms and developing new platforms that can help recruiters and HR professionals to scrutinize the candidate similarly, as was possible before the covid crisis. 

With the advancement of technology and infusion of AI, candidates can be judged on psychological and various other factors much easier. This software has helped to simplify the process and increased the efficiency of recruiters in a lot of ways.

  • How much to Hire?

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, COVID has hit everyone hard. However, some industries were worst hit, such as hotel management and tourism, others experience a boom in their business, like digital marketing and pharmacy. 

This trend led to the creation of more job opportunities in the medical and digital sectors and the loss of jobs in the travel and tourism sector across the world. 

In fact, many companies have switched to layoff and preferring to hire interns over full-time professionals. This sudden shock caused due to lockdown has brought a pause across the business for some time. Hence, businesses are now becoming more dynamic and taking corrective measures to sustain unaffected in the future from such uncertain circumstances. 

This precautionary measure undertaken by businesses has led to a decline in the number of employees across businesses. 

These were the three major trends observed in the post-pandemic situation and hope to improve in the upcoming months.

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