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Different Ways To Load Good Energy Into Your Home

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People always wonder and ask. Is there negative energy in my house?

In fact, the best parameter of understanding whether a negative or a positive energy dominates a house is actually feelings. How do you feel when you walk into a house? Peace? Or is it tension?

It also shows the progress of the lives of people living in that house. If constant mishaps, unrest, diseases, fights, material and spiritual problems are not lacking from their lives, then the life energy of that house is blocked.

The best way to reactivate the energy of life is to regulate the house according to fengshui rules.

These rules aren’t things we don’t know we haven’t heard of. It’s just things we hear and listen to, we don’t care. But after trying out how important it is, you’ll see it in person! I’m talking so ambitious.

While we’re in December, let’s compile and collect our lives like this. I say we meet the New Year with clean energy and I list what to do as a list. Let’s keep that information in mind.

3 types of basic rule understanding of Fengshuin:



1- Extract whatever you don’t use in your living space

Yes, according to this rule, if you haven’t used an item for 1 year, it’s no longer serving you, you’re serving it. Think of a bunch of things you don’t use like this? Oh, my God we live in garbage houses.

We said Fengshui wanted simplicity and order. Because it’s essential for energy to move around comfortably. There’s no way positive energy can be circulated among the items you’ve hooted. Those things are dusting all the time, so it’s nothing but holding negative energy. Separate what you need, and get what you think will benefit others.


2- Do not keep any items in your home with bad memories.

His stuff has a frequency of energy. The areas that are lived, the soil, the wall have memory. He records everything in that environment. Besides, did you take that stuff or did someone give it to me. When you look at that stuff, it’s very important how it makes you feel. Are you happy, or is it reminiscent of your bad memories?

So do not hold anything that makes you unhappy.


3- Throw away whatever is broken, cracked, broken

Again a Fengshui rule. If an object has cracked, it’s probably because it’s exposed to negative energy. So he protected you by collecting negative energy on himself. I’m saying that item is now loaded with negative energy.


4- Clean your house

According to fengshui rules, the house must be cleaned regularly. Dust should never be. Because the dust holds negative energy.

Ventilation is more important than you think. We need fresh air in a house. The air must be replaced with fresh energy.


5- If there are dry flowers at home (sorry but if you love it) throw

I must underline that dry flowers are dead energy and it keeps incredible dust. No, if you say you love it so much, make sure you find a way to clean it out of your dust.


6- Keep salt in the rooms

I’ve written many times before. Salt is a crystal that collects negative energy. When you put salt in small bowls, that room draws all the negative energy that’s in it and puts it there. Therefore, after a while, you should pour this salt and put a new one. In fact, I read that the reason you put salt in food according to ancient sources is because it is used to solve the spell if it exists in the person.


7- Making incense with plants

For example, it is possible to clean the energy of the house with the sage plant. I’ve written sage before; it comes from the Latin word salvia, the word healing. When you burn your dacha, the oils contained in it are revealed and calm you down. The frequency he emits cleans the middle. The most commonly used plant sage in the world for this purpose.


8- Having plants at home

You know in plants, live energy. Some plants in particular have the ability to clean the air of the house with their structural properties and spread positive energy. For example, in flowers, Pashas word flower is my favorite. If you stayed in a sealed box with this flower, it gives you the oxygen you need!

Secondly, another flower peace flower that gives the house positive energy.


9- Mirrors

Mirrors add beauty to home décor, don’t they? But if you hang it in the right place.  If you use them in the wrong places, it can bring you negative energy.

For example, you can’t put it in front of a bed. He’s not hanging on a wall next door where the neighbor sits. A mirror is like an energetic crossing between two rooms. It can reflect all the energy there.

So where are we going to put these mirrors? It can be placed next to the dining table. It reflects back on abundance and abundance. It hangs on the entrance door. It reflects the energy of the incoming person back to itself. It can be hung on a wall overlooking the house’s own rooms.

And, of course, their mirrors need to be cleaned their energy regularly.


10- Edit your warehouses that you enter your home

It’s not supposed to be complicated around here either. Because this is where energy first enters. And a packed Holden hark can come back without going into dislike.

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