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Concentrate On GRE Quant Questions For A Good Overall Score

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A standardized test conducted by the ETS or educational testing service is called the Graduate Record Exam or GRE. The top graduate schools across the globe look for a GRE score as an eligibility criterion for postgraduate courses. There are two test formats for GRE, the GRE subject test and the GRE general. Analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning fall under GRE general. Whereas GRE subject includes topics that are associated with the post-graduation subject you picked.


Syllabus for the GRE Examinations:

The syllabus for the GREs comprises of analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. In analytical writing, candidates are required to write an essay about any topic. This section of the exam aims to measure the ability of the candidate to articulate complex ideas more clearly and effectively. It measures how effectively the candidate is to support his ideas with relevant examples and reasons and also examine claims with accompanying evidence.

Verbal reasoning aims to measure the ability of the candidate to analyze and draw a specific conclusion from the content given in the test. The candidate should be able to understand the structure of the text, understand the meanings of a few sentences and words, and understand the relationship between the concepts and the words. The next important part is the GRE quant questions or quantitative reasoning.

The quantitative reasoning section aims to measure the ability of the test taker to understand and interpret quantitative information, solve problems using mathematical models, elementary concepts in probability, geometry, algebra, statistics, etc. Some important topics covered are Ration and proportion, simple and compound interest, speed distance and time, profits and loss, permutation and combination, linear and quadratic equations, statists, probability, powers and roots, lines and angles, etc.


GRE pattern

GRE can be given in two ways either online or offline.GRE can be taken throughout the year from Monday to Thursday in a two-time slot 8 am and 12:30 pm. It is a 4-hour long examination and can be taken in any nearby center. These day GRE test center is available in all major cities across the world. It was expected to you be at the testing center for 5 hours and you must reach the center at least 45 minutes before the test starts. You can appear for this test maximum 5 times a year and the minimum gap between two tests should be at least 21 days.


However, it not compulsory to have a GRE score for getting admission in graduation and post-graduation programs all across the world. But a good GRE score would always be considered by most of the university. Concentrate on preparing the GRE quant questions well so that you can get good scores.


Final words:

You can see the list of umpteen number of coaching institutes for GRE across all major and minor cities of India. But without getting trapped, mark the best institutions with their great experience and golden results. The experienced faculties’ can make you prepare more in difficult areas.


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