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Simple And Effective Tips To Improve Organic SEO

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It’s a tough race among companies as they are battling for the top spot in search engine rankings. Needless to say, the higher the ranking, the more visibility. And increased prominence in the digital world improves the chances of lead generation, which has a direct impact on the ROI.

With changing times, SEO techniques are also changing. The latest tools and analytics are available that are used by SEO experts to boost the ranking of their clients’ websites. Apart from using these tools, there are some other simple yet effective ways you can follow to improve the rankings of your website organically.

Have a look at some of them:

Keyword Research is Important

No matter how much SEO has changed over the years, keywords still make for an integral part of the algorithm Google uses to rank a website. Thus, always start SEO with keyword research.

Knowing what people are searching for on the internet is not enough. You need to broaden your horizon and think beyond the conventional rules. Target less competitive keywords as there is a high possibility of getting better results out of them.

Once you have done the all-important keyword research, move on to the next phase, which is to optimize your page with keywords. The rule of the thumb is that keywords must be part of the title, URL, H1 tags, and subheadings. Consider hiring a local search engine optimization agency to find keywords for you so that you can optimize them on your website.

Write Long Content

Content is still the king when it comes to ranking a website. As a matter of fact, it holds more importance than ever. SEO experts believe that writing long content increases the chances of a website to rank on the top.

Although rules pertaining to keyword density in the content have changed but it doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality of the content. Google now only takes websites into consideration for ranking purposes that have high-quality, meaningful content. Thus, never make the mistake of writing filler content on the landing page/homepage. Every sentence of the content should provide value to the readers.

Optimize Images

Images hold as much importance as content for the SEO of a website. Thus, make a point to have high-quality images that could grab the attention of the visitors on the go. Also, ensure that they are properly optimized as it will help to improve the load time. Pay attention to the format of the image and its size as these two factors impact the time your web page will take to load. Needless to say, a huge image will take more time to load slowing down your website and turning away the visitors. Other than that, it will impact the aesthetic appeal of your website as well.

The images on the landing page must be welcoming, relevant to your products and/or services, and don’t hinder the navigation experience.

From the SEO perspective, you can use keywords in the title, file name, caption, alt tag, and description of the image. A small secret here is that those keywords that you may find it difficult to adjust in the content, you can easily use them with images. They will serve the purpose without impacting the quality of content.

Enhance Load Time

Always remember the fact the competition in the digital world is high and there is no margin for error if you eye the top rank in the search engine results. You need to focus on each and every factor including load time. It is important from both the SEO point of view and improving user experiences. Google’s algorithm takes load time into consideration while measuring a website’s progress. Also, from the perspective of retaining your website visitors too, it is important to improve load time.

If a website takes a long time to load properly, the visitors won’t stay for long. They will move to other options at their disposal, increasing the bounce rate.

To sum it up, SEO makes for an integral part of a business’s online presence. Without proper search engine optimization, it is impossible for a website to create a robust presence in the digital world and rank among top websites. Therefore, the best advice is to hire an SEO company in New York to get organic results. Relying on professionals will enable you to have more visitors to your website, resulting in increased ranking and lead generation.


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