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September 28, 2021

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8 Steps To Creating a Killer Presentation

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If you have recently been asked to give a presentation at work or at a leading industry conference, then you are probably overwhelmed with excitement and anxiety all at once. Of course it goes without saying that you want to do your best and make sure you make a great impression. But how exactly does one go about this? Killer Presentation

Presentations are all about information and how you provide your audience with this information. No doubt you have been to some awful presentations that just seemed to drag on and on, and no doubt you don’t want yours to be like that. So here are a few tips and pointers as to how you can create a presentation that truly rocks:

1.Provide useful information, and give your audience valuable content. Nobody wants to sit through a presentation that doesn’t add value or give them anything, so make sure your presentation is worth there time. Focus in a few key takeaways your audience will remember from your speech.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate your presentation. “Ideally a good presentation will only cover a few themes, no more than four” suggests Dan Smith of So make sure you don’t overcomplicate your presentation, or your audience. Do not overload your audience with information – they will not appreciate it.
  2. Structure your presentation. Draft out any potential presentation like you would a short story. Make sure it has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and make sure that within each of these segments you give your audience the information they seek, crave and desire.

4 . Give facts and be prepared to back them up with both evidence and proof. In your presentation you will no doubt provide your audience with information, statistics, facts and figures. To make sure these don’t hinder your presentation always make sure they can be backed up and proved, as if not, both you and your presentation will lose credibility.Killer Presentation

  1. “Know your audience, and more importantly know what they want” suggests John Rogan of Find out what information your audience want to learn, find out about or know and then factor this into your presentation.
  2. Prepare your presentation in advance and practice, practice, practice. Rehearse how you will deliver your presentation. For example what aids will you use, if any? What tone of voice will you use and so on.
  3. Never over promise and under deliver. When giving a presentation all eyes are on you. So make sure that whatever you promise – you can deliver.
  4. When writing a presentation try to get other peoples opinions, by this I mean ask people such as family, friends or co-workers. Ask for their help and advice in relation to your presentation.Killer Presentation

Ask them what they would like to know, ask them how they learn and remember, and ask them what interests them. Conducting and doing your research this early on can help you plan, write and produce a killer presentation that has some if not all of what your audience are after.

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