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8 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Business

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Instagram Marketing Tips

Following Facebook in terms of overall engagement, Instagram currently has over 1 billion monthly users and over 500 million daily users. After surpassing Twitter three times in 2018, the photo-sharing app is currently lagging behind other popular services like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Companies & Business that haven’t yet made an appearance on the platform would be remiss if they didn’t take advantage of the current potential & opportunity. If you’re just getting started with marketing on instagram, consider these pointers for the impactful promotion of your business.

8 Marketing Tips Businesses on Instagram

1. Leverage the Power of Instagram Video

Instagram’s video feature is somewhat a new finding, but it’s already hugely popular. An optional 15-second video may be used to provide a brief peek of your company’s products or services to potential customers.

A product demonstration, a sneak peek at a new product, or a look behind the scenes are all possibilities. Static pictures are less appealing than videos, which may help you build a better relationship with your customers.

Instagram videos may be placed on your website or blog. Your Instagram marketing approach will come full circle with this tactic.

2. Switch to Instagram Business Profile

For now, keep your personal profile up-to-date while creating your business account. It has several advantages to have a company profile. Users will find it much simpler to get in touch with you now that they can just click on your profile’s “contact” button.

Create and publish Instagram advertisements without utilizing Facebook’s advertising tools with platforms like the InVideo video creator. It makes the otherwise daunting task of crafting videos a rather seamless affair.

You can start posting high-quality content on Instagram with tools like these and enhance your business profile’s reach.


3. Your Bio Should be Written Strategically

Your LinkedIn and Facebook bios should be quite different from your Instagram bio, as should be the case. A resume or list of credentials isn’t required, and may even be detrimental to your success if included on your Instagram profile.

Instead, your prospects are searching for a bio that makes your business seem more approachable to them. If you’re trying to make a deeper connection, feel free to include emojis and funny one-liners in your message.

4. Leverage the Power of Instagram Stories

With over 100 million Instagram stories views and shares, this offers you an even greater reach to market your business. Instagram stories have the potential to convey a lot more information than traditional blog posts or social media updates.

In addition, many articles include great features like polls and connections back to your website in the body text. To better understand your audience and improve conversions, make use of these tools.

You may, for example, utilize the poll function to learn what kinds of postings your customers like. Be aware about the marketing mishaps as Instagram is a social networking site and not a place for commercial marketing.

Make sure to maintain a healthy balance by making sure your tales are entertaining for your fans while still serving a promotional purpose.

5. Maximize the Usage of Hashtags

When you use hashtags, you can better organize and classify the material on your account so that it is seen by the appropriate people. As a result, you’ll get more followers and see a boost in your engagement and conversion rate.

However, although using hashtags may help your business reach new heights, overusing these can soon turn them into pain. So, if you’re going to use them, be sure you have a solid plan in place to help you achieve your goals. Try looking up trending Instagram hashtags to help you with this so you can reach your target audience better.

6. Partner with Influencers

For a variety of reasons, influencer marketing & social media influencers are monarchs. To begin with, they have a sizable fan base, making it easy to promote oneself to a wider audience.

Additionally, they have the ability to impact consumer purchasing patterns since the majority of people trust what others have to say about a product.

The platform’s users are your best bet for connecting with potential customers. Be cautious, though, and don’t work with just any influencer you find. Find a few people that are relevant to your specialty and reach out to them.

7. Deploy Excellent Visuals

It’s critical that your postings have a professional look. To create stunning graphics, you must first choose a style and theme that remains consistent throughout your work. Having a consistent posting pattern is critical, as consumers will begin to recognize your postings even if they are in the explore tab.

Because Instagram has such a wide variety of filter choices, it’s not difficult to maintain your brand’s consistency. Third-party picture and video editing applications may also be used to give all of your images the look you want.

8. Only Post Resonating Content

Once you’ve determined who your target market is, you can focus your material on how to best reach them. It’s important that the content you provide encourages interaction, whether it’s via eye-catching images or clever remarks.

Finding your target audience gives you a solid idea of their preferences, so use that information to your advantage.


Having an online presence is critical, but getting the word out about your website and making it visible to your target audience is as vital.

Your company will soar to new heights if you inject it with a lot of originality, such as fresh description ideas, crisp original pictures, and regular participation on social media.

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