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September 23, 2021

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5 Most Beautiful Destinations For Glamping

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Beautiful Destinations For Glamping

Camping is all about storytelling by the bonfire, starry night skies, and endless memories. Most of the travelers like to camp at least for a night during their voyages. This is because it allows you to stay as close as possible to mother nature. However, some people are likely to complain about the uncomfortable sleeping choices and never-ending bugs. That’s when the glamorous camping activity comes to your rescue. This is a better alternative to camping as it provides every luxury you need. From king-sized beds to elegant interiors, you might get it all. What’s even better is that glamping brings you in the lap of nature.

Keep reading to know the top destination to consider for your luxurious camping experience right away.

1.  Wilderness Camp Longitude 131 In Australia

1. Wilderness Camp Longitude 131 In Australia

Here’s an exotic camp that boats the striking view of Uluru through the glass-packed walls. Longitude 131 in Australia is the one-stop solution to fulfill your glamping desires majestically. Situated in the heart of UNESCO World Heritage-listed  Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, it offers exquisite views to the travelers. Owing to the floor to ceiling glazing, you can enjoy the breath-taking desert oaks even inside the camp. Also, you can sit at the balcony and make the most of the pre-installed fireplace. After a long day, the luxurious rain shower awaits to take all the lethargy away. You can always get the authentic camping feel in your roof rack tent whenever you want to.

Things To Do

  • Explore the Uluru Views right from the balcony. During the daytime, you can unveil the treasures of Uluru Tjuta Park. Also, make sure to know more about the authentic Anangu culture and popular traditions simultaneously.
  • Stylish Lounge & Terrace carved by the popular Australian furniture experts. After a long day of exploring the Red Carpet, enjoy the nights inside the elegant lounge and warm fireplace. This unparalleled view from the terrace is too good to be true.


2.  Wildlife Excursion In Aman-I-Khas, India

2. Wildlife Excursion In Aman-I-Khas, India

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast who likes to spot the rare animals, then this glamping destination is the ideal one. Residing by the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park, this wilderness camp is all you want for the holiday season. With the Mughal style interiors and lush-green forests all around, you will surely feel at peace here. Just when you get bored with the bright canopies and fully air-conditioned tents, make sure to try out the spa and unique dining facilities. Along with this, the animal-spotting excursion is a cherry on top for the visitors. You get to spot the attractive animals like Leopard, Chital Deers, and Crocodiles from a few inches away. For all the glamping lovers out there, this camp provides extravagant facilities coupled up with top-notch hospitality.


Things To Do

  • Situated Beside River Chambal, offers some unique natural aesthetics and soothing environment. You might also spot a few animals on the wildlife safari including the majestic Bengal tiger.
  • Incredible Camping Experience with Mughal interiors and full air-conditioning. After you’re bored of the camp-side activities, make sure to embark upon the natural spree of the oasis formed due to the incredible river Chambal.


3.  Sparkling Pools Of The Little Mombo Camp, Botswana

3. Sparkling Pools Of The Little Mombo Camp, Botswana

For all the travel enthusiasts who are fond of never-ending tree canopies and floodplains filled with bustling crowds, this glamping vacation to  Botswana’s delight is a must. The little Mombo camp contains around nine ensuite tents that are extremely spacious and attractive in appeal. With the luxurious camp, you get access to the huge veranda and indoor showers. In case you get bored inside, you might consider the outdoor shower as well. What steals the show is the attached bar and dining area filled with the aroma of delicacies. Also, you don’t have to miss out on your workout schedules as the place has a fully-equipped gym. You are less likely to get tired of the starry night sky and traditional dishes enriched with the fragrance of boma.


Things To Do

  • Enjoy The Exquisite Facilities by the camp-side like sparkling pools, workout sessions, and authentic delicacies. When bored, embark on the adventurous spree and explore the dense canopies.
  • Fun Activities like 4Cs Centre, enthralling safari rides, well-equipped gyms, and spa facilities. With such astonishing services, you will never feel lonely.


4. Four Seasons Camp In Thailand

Four Seasons Camp In Thailand

If you’re a dendrophile who likes to stay amidst the dense forests, you must visit this ecstatic camp in the periphery of Thailand. Being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and hill flora, this place will leave you truly spell-bound. What makes this camping location better is the fact that it reflects some details regarding the old Thailand’s civilizations. Just take a stroll by the forest-side and discover the traditions and customs of North Thailand. When you get tired of gaining historical knowledge, enjoy the hot tub installed in your elegant camp.


Things To Do

  • Provides Astonishing Facilities like elephant trekking, relaxing massages, traditional meals, and convenience facilities. You can also enjoy the warm hot bath installed on the wooden flooring.
  • Exclusive Activities included in the package are leisure at the garden, spa facilities, culinary classes, and riverboat journeys. Make sure to pre-book the tickets for some extra perks like mini-bar and craft lessons.


5.  Top-Notch Hospitality Of Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

Top-Notch Hospitality Of Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

Here’s a glamping site that sticks to the need of the hour, i.e. Sustainable development. This luxurious campsite connects the two national parks, namely  Bokor National Park with Kirirom National Park. In the middle, it keeps unwanted and dangerous activities like animal poaching, hunting, and logging away. The heavily flowing waters and soothing sounds are likely to bewilder you. Owing to the proximity to the waterfalls, you are likely to experience the best jungle safari ever. You also gain access to the hot bath right beside the waterfall which seems nothing less than a dream.


Things To Do

  • Proper Customer Services related to laundry, ironing, spa, and massage, as well as mouth-watering food. Continental breakfast featuring a top-notch presentation and savory flavors will surely leave you mesmerized.
  • Water Sports & Free Bike Renting Services for you to explore the never-ending waters and nature’s aesthetics on the go itself.


Bottom Line

Travel enthusiasts are always in search of some extraordinary and life-changing experiences. If you haven’t explored the glamping sites yet, then it’s about time to accomplish this goal. With the top-notch hospitality and mouth-watering dishes, this is the best vacation you need. What’s even better is that you experience the true camping feels coupled up with ravishing luxuries. Refer to the sites mentioned above for the glamping experience that will leave you craving for more.


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