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4 Benefits of a 360-Degree Customer View

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360-Degree Customer View

In a world where customers prioritize businesses that provide customized experiences tailored to their preferences and likes, exploiting concepts like 360-degree customer view is critical to offering personalized goods and services. The 360-degree view is a complete picture of a customer’s engagement and experiences with a specific business from the beginning to the end. It highlights every phase of a customer’s journey and their feelings at each touchpoint.

By leveraging customer data from the various touchpoints a customer may exploit to access a business, companies can gain a comprehensive or 360-degree view of their customers. This enables them to understand consumer priorities and preferences and anticipate future needs to improve customer experiences. Read on for four benefits of a  360-degree customer view. 

A better understanding of your customers

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a 360-degree view is understanding prospective and existing customers, their interests, behaviors, priorities, taste, and preferences. 

  • How do customers access your business? 
  • What are their service requests? 
  • What is their purchase history? 
  • What are their pain points? 

You can improve your marketing strategy to drive desired results by gaining better insights into your customers. Be sure to partner with Revelation Digital today to create digital marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience across various channels to enjoy huge returns.

Personalized customer experiences

Personalized customer experience is standard for most businesses today. A recent report shows that 71% of customers expect companies to provide customized engagements and experiences. 76% of customers will get frustrated if they do not get a customized shopping experience, prompting them to take business elsewhere. By tapping into your 360-degree customer view, you gain invaluable insights about your customers, and you can exploit this information to deliver unique, personalized shopping experiences.

For instance, if a customer often purchases a specific product every three months, you could send them a purchase reminder on month two through their preferred communication channel. A personalized experience makes customers feel heard, valued, and appreciated, and not just a number.

Increased customer loyalty and retention

Getting new customers is critical when starting a new business, but giving them a reason to keep coming back is the remedy for long-term success. A 360-degree view of your customers lets you showcase how well you know them and adjust their experience to highlight this. As a result, customers will be less likely to jump ship to other companies, enabling you to benefit from lifetime relationships, increased repeat purchases, more engagement, and good reviews.

Reduced working costs

Few things can hurt your business revenue more than ineffective sales and marketing strategies. With a 360-degree view, you can derive strategic customer mapping and plans to enable your marketing team to develop data-driven and intelligent marketing campaigns. This allows you to upsell opportunities and avoid investing in marketing strategies that do not yield the desired outcomes.

The 360-degree customer view can also guide funds allocation in your marketing efforts. By better understanding your clients, you will avoid allocating a similar amount of cash to repeat clients against those yet to make their initial purchases. 


Whether running a new or existing business, it is critical to understand your customers. This involves looking beyond daily interactions. By implementing a 360-degree view of your clients, you can deliver a unique, personalized customer experience, boost brand loyalty, and reduce working costs.

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