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How AI Helps Improve Your Customer Experience: Top 3 Ways

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Improve Your Customer Experience

If someone asks you how artificial intelligence is helping in enhancing the customer experience, perhaps the “chatbots” will come to your mind before anything else. Because they have gained grounds for being an unparalleled digital assistant that helps website visitors find the answers to their questions quickly and aid them to purchase the product they want without any interruption. But is artificial intelligence just suitable for this? No, not at all. They can even play a vital role behind the scenes in influencing the customer’s behavior. Then, your next question would be how to do this. How can you use artificial intelligence technology to your advantage? Well, that’s where the best customer experience companies come into the frame.


They use big data with behavioral psychology principles so that artificial intelligence could find the target audience for various brands effortlessly and improve the quality of their customer experience to a great extent. Are you not knowing what big data is? In that case, you must understand that it is a vast collection of massive data sets that computers analyze to determine the trends and patterns associated with consumer behavior and interactions. Since understanding customers’ behavior and driving results through them is challenging, it is better to leave it to the best customer experience companies and not engage yourself.


Now let’s see how artificial intelligence can help enhance your customer experience and what the role of the best customer experience companies is in it:


  1. They offer proactive services

Do you know what the most effective way to satisfy customers is? To provide them the convenience to engage with your brand as much as you can. Many companies offer proactive services to their existing and non-existing customers to save consumer’s time and avoid unwanted frustration.


Take the hotel industry, for example. Suppose you booked a room in a three-star hotel for a later date. Just before the day when you have to check-in, you get to know that your friends are not coming for the trip, so you have to cancel the hotel booking. Now, as soon as you open the hotel app and start a live chat, the AI-powered chatbot asks you:


How can I help you today? (With multiple options)


Which booking do you need help with now? (With multiple options)


Do you want to reschedule it or cancel your reservation? (With multiple options)


What do you want in return, refund, or book another property?


As you can see here, the hotel brand is proactive in helping its customers. They know what customers might want when they reach out to the customer service team after hotel booking. Based on the possibilities, they have pre-made a list of options and ask customers to click on it rather than typing their query. It makes the process of getting a refund a breeze, and so customers will return to the same hotel app down the line if they plan a tour again. Thus, providing convenience to your customers improves their experience with your brand, which helps in repeat sales down the road.


  1. They offer personalized services 

Can you imagine that AI can help you offer a more intimate experience to your customers? Yes! So far, you might have thought that artificial intelligence is just good for chatbots that provide relevant answers to the standard questions of customers. But the truth is it can enrich an already pleasant customer experience by focusing on their preferences. For instance, a hotel in France takes advantage of artificial intelligence technology to allow guests to pick their linens. It takes their personalized experience to the next level resulting in more engagement and sales in the future.


  1. They encourage deeper engagement

Are you aware that continuous engagement leads to higher sales for a brand? Yes, the more you draw your customers’ attention to your brand, the more they will buy your products or services. How? You know well how cumbersome it is to acquire customers these days, right? So, once you have gained a customer, you need to keep them engaged to ensure they don’t turn up to your rivals for anything.


To engage them longer, you can run exciting social media competitions, allow them to see great video content, or keep them entertained through various activities. Doing this will ensure that they stay abreast of your existence, and they won’t think about using your competitor’s products or services when you are already up to serve them.


On a closing note

We hope you know how using artificial intelligence technology can help you improve customer experience sooner than later. Suppose you want to avail of AI-inspired services to give your customer experience a much-needed boost. In that case, communicating with a retail-focused artificial intelligence solution provider will work wonders.


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