September 18, 2021

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Woven Patches And Labels

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Woven patches and woven labels are a great way to mark your garment. They are used to mark and give information about size, length, composition, origin, model or washing instructions. Alternatively, they are widely used for decorative purposes only on clothing, shorts, shoes, bags, hats, toys, blankets or other furnishings. Woven and woven patches labels can represent better details and small letters than embroidered pieces.

We can manufacture woven products using different types of methods, including 3D cubic design, laser hollowed-out design and metallic gold or silver logo to meet your demand.

● Label width: 10-190mm in any length.
● Material: 100% polyester.
● Edge options: fade, heat cut, laser cut, ultrasonic cut.
● Folding options: straight cut, cut, fine fold, central fold, miter fold, Manhattan fold …
● Support: double-sided adhesive tape, hard PVC, iron, self-adhesive sticker with waxed paper, velcro tap, black / white paper coating, etc.
● Special ways: 3D cubic padding, laser recess, loop, liquid passage, eyelet, wire, finishing and starching
● MOQ: 100pcs per design
● Delivery: 5-7 days for samples, about 7-14 days for production.
● Packaging: 50 pieces per poly bag or packaging according to customer requirements

Save custom patches

You can save the settings of a custom patches in the library and apply them to other instruments, or use them in another project.You can delete a patch you created from the library, but you cannot delete the patches supplied with Garage Band.

Save a patch

Select the track you want to use as the starting point for the custom patch.Change the patch settings by manipulating the Smart Controls, or adding or adjusting modules, until you get the sound you want.

Click the Save button in the lower right corner of the library. In the dialog that appears, enter a name for the saved patch.Custom patches are saved in the user patches folder in the library (this folder is created the first time you save a patch). You can use them in any Garage Band project.

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