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Important Things to Remember while Choosing the Domain Name

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Domain Name

The domain name of the website can directly influence the brand image, search rankings and traffic generated to the website. An ideal domain name helps in directing positive influence while the wrong domain name affects the website badly. Therefore for this post, we are discussing important things to be taken into consideration while choosing the domain name.

Stick with credible extensions

One of the very first tips is to stick with the when it comes to choosing a domain name. As a leading web development company in India, we understand that coming up with quirky or clever names with new extensions. But the pro tip is to stick with the authentic and credible domain name extension. The reason being:

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  1. These are easy to memorize and most people without any tech know how automatically   add .com at the end without any thought.

  2. New extensions are not completely reliable.

  3. It is quite common for non-tech-savvies to add the extension. Com after the new extension as well which will direct them to “error page”.

Ensure to use keyword in domain name

Everyone in the digital world is aware of the significance of keywords in the domain. Using the keyword in your domain name also helps search engine in detecting the niche of your website. With highly dynamic web designs by the best web development company in India, high-quality content and good UX, this keyword in your domain name helps in boosting SERPs.

Though with so many business entities already present on the digital platform, it has become quite difficult to come up with the apt domain name that has ranked keywords in it. There you have to be creative with word combinations to come out with the unique and best domain name.

Web Online Studio

Things to remember

The third thing to remember is to make the domain name easy to pronounce and spell by common users as well. This helps the users in easily loving your sites and to remember the name easily. Also while deciding the domain name don’t go overboard with the length of the name. Keep it simple and short.

Also be very particular with uniqueness and authenticity of the domain name. Do proper research of other blogs in your industry as well and analyse the names they are using. The last thing you want is to get accused of using someone else’s trademarked name or of copying another blogger’s name. Go for something that reflects the brand well and is unique, catchy and compelling at the same time.

Things to avoid

The two things you should strictly avoid in your domain name are Hyphens and double letters. The former is associated with the spam websites that you surely don’t want for your website. Also, there are good chances of typos with hyphens in the domain name. Same goes with the latter. With the double letter in the domain name, there are good chances of typos which eventually leads to losing traffic.

Research before the Final registration

Before the final registration of the domain name, it’s better to run extensive research and try to find out if there is already existing business with the same name. If there is, you have to opt out for something different.

You can take the professional assistance of the web design and development company in India to come up with the ideal domain name of your website and for building a dynamic featured website.

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