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Wigs Vs Extensions- Which One’s Better

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If you’ve ever come across a hair care commercial on TV, there’s a fair chance you’ve been stunned by glamorous & gorgeous some people look. With their dense, lengthy & dazzling locks, you must be wondering how exactly have they achieved hair like that. Unfortunately, achieving great hair doesn’t grow overnight. In fact, growing hair takes a while. That’s why people have hung on to the best wigs or extensions to achieve their goals. But what’s the major difference between wigs & extensions? Keep reading the post to find out.

Wigs: What Are They?

Wigs are basically headcovers that are produced with the help of animal or human hair. However, these days wigs are made with the help of synthetic fibers. Wigs have existed since ancient civilization & are well designed to sit on bald heads or existing hairs. Wigs are of various types, for eg: best lace front wigs, colored human hair wigs, bob cut wigs, u part wigs, transparent lace wig, etc. Some wigs are low in quality. They’re made with the help of synthetic fibers which gives them a very unnatural look.


  • Different colors & styles are available in the range of wigs that could easily change your look without putting in any effort.
  • Using a nice wig will save up a lot of money from buying expensive hair products. Also, a wig scarf will protect your hair from damage. So save the cash from the styling tools. Plus, there are many affordable wigs
  • You never have to trim your hair. If short hair is what you prefer, you can simply get a nice wig of the same length & look amazing.


Where Can You Find The Best Wigs?


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Hair Extensions: What Are They?

We’re often told that having luscious & thick hair stands for beauty. That’s why losing hair makes us feel insecure. Hair extensions are a perfect replacement for that. They give your natural hair a wonderful & mermaid-like look. All it takes is a few minutes to clip them all in, and the difference is quite incredible.



  • Enhances your appearance & provides volume & length to your tresses
  • Lets you get the perfect colors before harming your tresses
  • Blends with the quality & texture of your hair
  • No one will know you are wearing them


If you’re someone who prefers to change their appearance often, do consider wigs. Wigs are not that expensive & they blend into your hair easily. Also, if you can take better care of your natural hair, then your hair will maintain its natural beauty even underneath the wig part. All of that depends on how much you are willing to spend & the kind of extensions & wigs you want.



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