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Why Is It Important To Use Nitrogen Desiccator Cabinets?

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nitrogen desiccator cabinets

The desiccators are used for preventing the reaction between atmospheric humidity and moisture-sensitive materials. When the laboratory chemists and scientists speak of desiccators means the small gas jars which provide the economical the storage which is for a long term and it is stored in small quantities of hygroscopic chemical reagent and pre-dried sample. Glass desiccators can also be used for cooling the substance which was heated up in a breaker and crucible. Nitrogen Desiccator cabinets pose the contamination hazard in the cleanroom. Even they cannot even maintain the low relative level of humidity which is required for critical MSD (Moisture sensitive devices). Medical device, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and semiconductors mostly required the precise control low storage of humidity of Moisture sensitive devices in a cleanroom because these are susceptible to biological and particle contamination.

Only the specialized desiccator cabinets are the best suitable for the task. There are even desiccators which have 2 -10 chamber cabinets and has up to 5 stainless steel drawer which is specifically designed for the storage of the sample products which are humidity sensitive. These can also be used for the storage of electronics in a dry, electro static-safe, clean and even in the oxygen-free environment. This is when used in the conjunction of nitrogen purge unit or inert gas purge so you can control the oxygen level down and relative humidity to 1% and you can eliminate oxygen degradation of the samples.  It has the grounding system for the electrostatic discharge.  Nitrogen Desiccator cabinets have the wire rack which is used for holding trays and shelving.

  1. Glass And Vacuum Desiccators

These are inexpensive but costly. The simple desiccators are the glass jar with the desiccant powder like silica gel or calcium chloride which is layered at the bottom. A ceramic disk or metal tray which provides you the small platform for the sample and even the desiccators is also sealed using the silicone grease.  A drying effect is created by the desiccators through the absorption, mechanical and chemical process which also draws out the moisture of the air and even retains it.  Once it reaches the saturation point, it will no more provide moisture protection.


  1. Custom Desiccators Cabinets

Even the custom desiccator’s cabinets are also available. The desiccators are easily available in various configurations and sizes which will fit all your unique requirements. You just need to specify the depth, weight, and height of the custom desiccators and also the purge control option you need.  The ideal solution is also provided to you with the custom desiccators cabinets. The vacuum desiccators provide an alternative for using the loose desiccant material.  The vacuum desiccators also require the vacuum pump which leads to the contribution of contaminants and noise in the cleanroom.

  1. Dry Cabinets

Desiccant based dry cabinets use two designs either static or dynamic. The static desiccators need manual desiccant regeneration which involves the seal breaking of the desiccators and it also transports the desiccant to the oven which is an inherently dirty process. The dynamic desiccator helps in regenerating the desiccant as it also nears saturation and it uses built-in heating for evaporating the moisture.  The very common is Desiccant based dry cabinet which is dynamic desiccators. These dry cabinets provide great storage capacities and also control the RH levels which are achieved by the alteration between the two desiccant modules.

  1. Clean Air Cabinets Desiccators Cabinets

These have been designed basically for providing the sealed compartments so as to contain the parts in the nitrogen storage environment. These Clean air cabinets desiccators cabinets provide the users with the sealed storage which can also be purged and it created a controlled environment for the long term parts storage or the materials which will degrade if these are left in the ambient atmosphere.  These desiccators are built with the heavy gauge outer shell of stainless steel.

  1. Superior RH Control

The nitrogen purged system provides the superior control of RH with the automated set points below the 5 percent RH with no drawbacks of the desiccant cabinets. The ideal desiccating medium helps in providing the clean nitrogen gas and it also does not contribute any particles and is a cabinet that has a very effective airflow design. It also helps in displacing the moist air which is present in the chamber for maintaining an inert environment for all the materials which are sensitive to chemical vapors and humidity

Desiccator Storage Cabinets For All Your Needs

These are the enclosures that contain nitrogen gas and it helps in the prevention of the reactions between the humidity and sensitive materials.

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