September 18, 2021

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Why Flowers Are an Excellent Way to Make Someone Feel Special

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Flowers- oh, they can instantly make someone feel good! According to many researchers who have studied flowers and their effect on humans, it’s a fact that flowers have the ability to make someone feel loved and valued, it can instantly brighten up someone’s mood- it really has a psychological impact on humans. Don’t believe us? The next time you have any of your loved one feeling a little low, send roses online for him or her (or any flower of his or her choice actually), and you will see what a positive impact this sweet little gesture has on their mood!

Whether you send some fresh flowers to your loved one after a fight as an “I am sorry” gift, or as a thank you gift for something that they have done for you, or as a “Get well soon” soon if they are unwell, or just as an “I was thinking about you”, “I love you” or “I miss you” gift- it surely will make them feel good. After all, just imagine this for once, wouldn’t you feel special if you woke up one day and received some beautiful fresh flowers from someone you love- say your parents, partner, sibling, best friend, colleague, or just someone in general who wants to see you smile? You would, right? Exactly! Very similarly, so would your loved ones.

Flowers with their beauty and fragrance, can immediately bring a smile on someone’s face- even on their saddest days. Flowers are in fact pretty much like the bright rays of sunlight after a very gloomy day- everybody loves them and appreciates them, they really do have the magical power to make someone feel better.

We don’t always get to spend time with our close ones on their bad days and help them feel better with our tightest hugs and warmest cuddles but what we can do is to make them realise that even if we are a thousand miles away from them or all caught up with our work, we are still always there for them. It’s very important, especially on their bad days, for us to remind them that they are loved, cared for, valued and that everything is going to get better. It might not get better today or tomorrow but it will get better soon or later, and it’s very important for them to not give up their hopes. To make them feel this way on the days when they are feeling low yet we can’t physically be with them- here are the top three things we can do:

  • Send them some fresh flower

Fresh flowers are bound to bring positive vibes on a day when they are filled with negative feelings. While any kind of flower is good enough as a gift to make someone happy, Sunflowers in particular are very popular for this purpose. AMong every other flower, the bright and beautiful Sunflower represents happiness and positivity- just what your loved one needs on a not so good day in their life.

Now you can very easily sit anywhere in the world and send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and to basically each and every corner of the country- yes, it’s all just a click away!

  • Send them their comfort food

Whatever it is that they love eating, send this food item to his or her house. Good food means good mood, and isn’t that exactly what you want for your loved ones? So, be it a dessert or a snack, or any food that comforts their soul, send it to him or her.

  • Be there for them

They might be wanting some extra space for themselves on the days when they feel low and that’s absolutely okay- don’t make them feel bad or guilty about this. But it’s also very important for you to remind them that you are there for them. Thus, respect their need for space but also be there for them, so that if anytime they want to talk, they will know you are around.

Be there for your loved ones at all times but definitely a little bit extra on their bad days because on such days, they need you a little more than usual- don’t let them forget that you love them, care for them and that they are special. Lastly, never miss an opportunity to bring a smile on someone’s face- you never know what they might be going through, they might be facing a storm inside themselves while just trying to put on a strong front!

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