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Why does Kanye West have a teddy bear on his albums

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The symbol comes out, says old Kanye

When someone says they miss Old Kanye, an incredible curse symbol appears. Kanye West’s early career mascot, the College Drop Bear, was intertwined with the artist’s breakout image, such as colorful polos, Louis Vuitton bags, and soul samples that look like squirrels.

says old Kanye

Bear’s journey

At first, glance what appears to be a pointless gimmick has a deeper personal symbolism as the Ride Bear’s journey goes through the three best strategically planned albums in the West. He is as smart as he is cute.

Bear’s journey

Hip-hop History

Long before he started Kanye’s bear mascot, he created a backup dancer and hypemen story. Early Def Jam added that the enemies of the people were piercing their targeted mission directly, step by step, with the silent support of S1Ws, for example in the image and motif of Kanye West Net Worth“.

But there was no superstar explosion backed up by the kind of character you can imagine giving lollipops to children at a fair. The Quit Bear can be addressed, so it must be Kanye.

Kanye mother wish

Despite Donda West’s wishes, whose mother was an English professor at Chicago State University, Kanye left the university to pursue her musical dreams full-time. The 2004 debut album, which celebrated its 16th anniversary on February 10, received the title The College Dropout.

Kanye mother wish

Dropout Bear represents

The Quiet Bear represents the pursuit of happiness and life according to Kanye’s terms, not Kanye’s standards. He didn’t have to go to college to make his dreams come true, and the bear offers his fans a similar symbol of hope. You demand the one more chance and handle to take the ultimate risk: following your dreams” Kanye West net worth

College Dropout hit # 2 on the Billboard 200 chart when it was released in 2004, selling 441,000 copies in the first week of sales.

Kanye Rap flashback

At the end of the rap, Kanye was a challenge because at that time the stereotypical rapper didn’t match the pattern. At that time he was a gangster rapper or a conscious rapper. Kanye was a man in the middle. He challenged using the teddy bear at the top of gangster rap, using his unique aesthetic. He challenged the standard college course.

Kanye University dropout

I remembered that my university was a ticket to a good life. Donda told the Chicago Tribune in 2004, but some career goals don’t require college. Kanye’s album “College Dropout” was about having the courage to embrace who you were instead of following the company that society did for you

Bear Story

The bear mascot was, of course, as practical as ever about Kanye’s college life and the visionary rapper-producer, packaging, and promoting his art. While I was sitting in college bleachers, the idea was to wear a bear outfit for The College Dropout’s cover photo. Kanye West net worth

. Photographer Danny Clinch captured the footage and Eric Duvauchelle, the in-house designer of LP’s Art Director Roc-A-Fella, was given a skin full of options.

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