September 18, 2021

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Why do people prefer top load washing machines over front load washing machines?

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washing machine

Especially in India, top load washing machines appear to be the popular choice. There are a whole lot of reasons for this country-wide preference. Before you buy that LG washing machine that you have your eye on, let’s look at why people prefer top load washing machines over their front-load counterparts so that you can be sure of your choice.

Cheaper models

Front loading washing machines are usually priced higher than top load washing machines. For example, if you have decided on an LG washing machine, you will notice that its top load washing machines are several thousand cheaper than their front-load counterparts.

The justification used for this higher cost is that they are gentler on clothes, and can also manage large items like comforters, pillows, and rugs. However, this is India. The price matters, first of all.

And as for comforters, in most Indian cities, they get a peek outside their storage cupboards for only a few weeks, and therefore only need to be cleaned only once a year, at best two.

As for the “washing clothes gently” argument, it is not seen as a reason to spend a few thousand extras on a washing machine. At best, one might hand-wash an especially delicate clothing item.

Back problems

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and the typically hunched smartphone-user posture have resulted in back problems not only for seniors but for nearly everyone.

Bending over twice per wash cycle — once to put the clothes in and once to take them out — is seen as just too much pain for most users to bear.

Especially for seniors, and those suffering from joint pain, top load washing machines are so much easier. Just pop the top open and drop the clothes inside.

New tech

The biggest edge that front load washers had in the past was that they were far better washers. But today, there are two types of top load washing machine: ones with agitators and ones without agitators.

The ones with agitators, tend to vibrate a lot and bounce about a lot. These also create a lot of noise while operating, which might become a nuisance for the consumers.

The ones without agitators use what is often referred to as an impeller. This technology ensures that the washing machine works more gently, uses less water, displays higher energy efficiency, and also ensures that your washing machine isn’t vibrating a lot.

Space problem negated in India

A big argument against top load washing machines is that nothing can be kept on top of them, and they are therefore space-hoggers. However, the top load washing machines, as compared to front-load models take up less space.

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Furthermore, you can also move these washers around. As for the debate about sticking something on top of the washer, people usually put their driers on top of their washing machines.

Ever had a drier here in sunny India? Of course not! This argument mostly makes sense in countries where people don’t “put their clothes out to dry” on account of little to no sun.

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