September 18, 2021

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Why Choose A Natural Latex Mattress Futon For Sound Sleep Every Night?

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When finding the right mattress, multiple factors play a role such as the size and type of the mattress. But, the most important question asked by users is, ‘what is the best material for a mattress?’

Due to the natural properties of latex, natural latex mattress futons are gaining popularity. These mattresses are better than traditional innerspring mattresses which sag in some time and reduce your comfort level.

Let’s see what is a natural latex mattress futon and why you should prefer it for a sound sleep.

What is A Natural Latex Mattress Futon?

As the name suggests, these futons are made using latex material, which is extracted from rubber tree saps. When treated and processed, natural blocks are created in the mattress to offer springiness. It removes the need for coils and springs. Further, no additional metal elements installed inside the mattress which improves the comfort of the mattress.

Advantages of Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress Futon

Several types of latex mattresses are available in the market such as synthetic, blended, and natural latex mattress futons. The following pointers will discuss the benefits of natural latex mattress futon as it is considered most environment-friendly and healthy.

1.    Low Maintenance

Latex mattress futons don’t attract mold and mildew, which makes cleaning hassle-free and extremely simple. You only need to change the sheets once in a while and let your mattress breathe in warm air. You don’t have to utilize hard chemicals and tiresome methods to clean this mattress.

2.    Breathable

The natural structure of latex is highly breathable which makes it a perfect choice for individuals in the warmers areas. The material is made with pinholes that increase the breathability of the mattress. These factors and features of latex together also contribute to the airy nature of the latex mattress. Individuals living in the warmer climates can utilize latex to keep their bodies cool throughout the night.

3.    Durable

Latex is a durable material. If the mattress futon contains organic latex, it won’t sag and develop bumps and creaks over time. The structure of latex is developed to withstand sagging and bumping in the mattress for a longer time.

This allows individuals to utilize a natural latex mattress for multiple years (20-25 years) without facing any issues.

The low maintenance of the material also improves the overall life of latex mattresses because cleaning is simple. When you can take care of your mattress without any issue, the life of the mattress also increases.

Natural latex is not affected by weather changes or extreme heat conditions, which also increases its durability over other materials and synthetic variants.

4.    Comfortable

A natural latex mattress futon is developed in a manner to offer complete support to the body. While sleeping, the mattress supports your body structure fully. Whether you sleep on your stomach, on the side, or on your back, latex futon can help you get a good night’s sleep. The pinholes additionally relieve fatigue, increasing the comfort of the individual more.

Our posture plays a major role in our well-being and latex futon mattresses improve postural support through the airy structure. This contributes to the comfort and relief offered by a natural latex mattress futon.

5.    Healthy

Natural latex material has the ability to reform according to our body. This allows the mattress to relieve back pain and body aches of different types. Moreover, the support offered uniformly aids spinal comfort and enhances blood circulation in the body.

These mattress futons are free from fire retardants due to natural manufacturing. Hence, latex mattresses don’t contain PBDEs, a substance that leads to multiple health issues, especially in pregnant women and children. A natural latex mattress futon contains wools as a natural fire retardant, thus, it doesn’t harm the body in any manner.

As these mattresses don’t contain chemicals, allergens are not present in the mattress. These allergens are not used in manufacturing as well. This property proves beneficial for individuals who have allergies and health conditions like asthma.

6.    Feasible

Apart from  these several health benefits, futons are feasible. You can easily convert it into a sofa when guests arrive and change it back to a mattress when you want to go to bed. In fact, it is possible to store a futon mattress in a small space, which is beneficial for individuals who have less space to share in a compact house.

You also have the feasibility of arranging this mattress anywhere, be it in the living room or the bedroom. It will perfectly match the décor without taking up too much space.


A natural latex mattress futon is a durable, feasible, and comfortable option for individuals. It not only has multiple health benefits but also offers complete spinal support to your body due to its structure. Just remember to check the certification of the futon mattress before making a purchase.

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