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Why Air Coolers are Still in Demand in Small-Town Areas

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When it comes to the purchase of an efficient cooling system for your home, you may be confused about whether to go for an AC or an air cooler. If you don’t have budget concerns, you can go for an air conditioner which will work in all weather. On the other hand, people with cash crunches can opt for an air cooler in a hot region.

However, when compared to an air conditioner, an air cooler is still a better choice. An air cooler is an economical yet environmental-friendly cooling solution for your home.

A majority of the population in India rely on a Symphony air cooler or any other brand to beat the heat. If you wish to know some reasons why air cooler is a better cooling alternative, then here is a post to help you.

  1. An air cooler is a cost-efficient option

Not all can afford an AC and buying an air cooler does not hurt your finances. The cost of an AC starts from Rs.25,000 and may go up to Rs.50,000 or more. On the other hand, an air cooler may be available between Rs.3,700 and Rs.15,000. As a result, you can enjoy cooling in your room without spending much.

  • An air cooler is an eco-friendly option

An AC used CFC as its refrigerant to cool the room which is dangerous for the Ozone layer leading to global warming. An air cooler uses water as its natural coolant to make the room cool which is not harmful to nature. Hence, buying a Volta’s air cooler and any other brand can help you contribute towards keeping the environment healthy.

  • An air cooler is an energy-efficient option

When you install an AC, you need to pay a higher amount as the electricity bill. An air cooler, on the other hand, consumes up to 80% less power than that of an AC. Needless to say, you end up paying much lower power bills. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy cooling without paying an escalated light bill, then an air cooler is better. 

  • An air cooler is a healthier option

An air cooler pulls the outside air to pass it via the water-soaked cooling pads, and then the fan blows it in the room to make it cool. As a result, you end up having fresh and clean air. An AC uses the inside of room air to cool the room using its coolant and releases the hot air via its outside unit. As a result, the cool air of an AC may be impure and may contain bacteria and viruses. People battling Asthma and allergy issues may not find AC good for their health as it may aggravate their issues.

Buy an air cooler on easy EMIs and get a cashback

Now, you have an idea about why people prefer an air cooler over an AC. The market is loaded with air coolers of multiple brands. However, the leaders in India are Symphony air coolers, Voltas air coolers among others.

You can break the cost of your air cooler over a tenor to pay only a fixed EMI if you don’t wish to pay its price in one go as it may hamper your budget. You can use the No Cost EMI facility offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India. Bajaj Finserv also comes with the Special Summer Offer to help you enjoy even more savings when you shop for air coolers on easy EMIs.

You can now grab a cashback of Rs.500 into the Bajaj Finserv Wallet on buying any air cooler of your choice worth Rs.10,000.

Bottom Line: Though everything that is there to be known has already been said above, there are a few more factors such as the product warranty offered, is the air-cooler worth the price, latest features, body size, colour, No cost EMI and so on. All these doubts can be cleared by doing thorough prerequisite research. It is also very important to make pre-research for the people who are living in small town areas because they are not so much updated with the latest trend and technology which is going in the market.

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