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Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

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Wheat Bread Recipe

Recipes for bread have been one of the most popular dishes because bread has been used in a wide variety of cuisines worldwide, and there are infinite ways to prepare it. In India, the cuisine of the north is characterised by the prevalence of flatbreads explicitly made with wheat and plain flour. On the other hand, bread is also shaped into a loaf as in the cooking traditions of Europe and Africa. This loaf is then sliced to suit whichever use is at hand.


The whole wheat bread features air pockets in every slice, which gives it a light and delicate feel similar to that of a sponge. Wheat bread benefits include the fact that it’s versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of dishes, from sandwiches and snacks to desserts that involve bread in some way.


Simple ingredients like wheat and yeast are combined with milk or water to create the bread. The most crucial processes are still the yeast proofing and kneading, though. The dough must then be shaped, and the edges tucked in after 15 minutes of kneading. The approach demands patience; there is no quick remedy. Additionally, remember to brush and wash the dough with milk before baking it after shaping it and letting it rise in the baking pan. This procedure can only attain a crunchy, golden-brown finish.

People all across the world eat whole wheat bread because it’s a more nutritious alternative to white bread, made from refined wheat flour.


Whole Wheat Bread Nutrition 

Single wheat bread slice calories 79, 1.3 grams of fat, 3.1 g of protein, 13.8 g of carbohydrates (of which 12.6 g are net carbs), and 12.6 g of carbs.


Wheat Bread Ingredients 

▪         235 ml warm milk

▪         Two tablespoons sugar

▪         2 tablespoons dry yeast

▪         339 grams of chakki fresh atta

▪         One teaspoon salt

▪         Two tablespoons of sunflower oil

▪         119 ml water (or as required)

▪         ½ teaspoon butter (to brush)


Steps to be followed while making the recipe-

Pour one cup of heated milk into a giant mixing bowl. The recipe calls for two tablespoons each of dried yeast and sugar. Rest the dough for a few minutes to allow the yeast to begin working. Next, add two tablespoons of sunflower oil, one teaspoon of salt, and 3 cups of wheat flour. Mix it thoroughly & knead in the additional half cup of water. Wrap in plastic or a damp cloth and sleep for two hours. It takes around 2 hours for the dough to reach its full size. Shape into a cylinder by kneading once more. The dough should be covered for 30 minutes or until it reaches the loaf pan’s top. Bake the bread for 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius & voila, your wheat bread is ready.


This wheat bread recipe yields one to two loaves of bread, depending on the pan size. You can then slice as per your requirements and enjoy with your friends & family.

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