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What To Remember When Embarking On A Desert Safari

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What To Remember When Embarking On A Desert Safari

Embarking on a desert safari is an adventurous and magical experience which comprises of riding out into the desert till all you can see are the sun-kissed sand dunes that surround you. Enjoy the elating 5-hour getaway where you start off, sand boarding down desert dunes, then take a camel ride and later, get a henna tattoo if requested!

Appreciate views of the unfruitful yet highly captivating landscape on the way to your camp site while you listen to your guide telling you all about the region and its fascinating geology. Amidst all this magic, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when getting ready to embark on this excursion.

Pack Light

It is not practical to be carrying large amounts of weight while starting out on the safari. It is important that you pack the essentials such as water, bug spray, band aids and any other medicines that you might need while on the safari. Bring snacks for the journey, as refreshments are only available upon reaching the camp. Avoid wearing fancy shoes, try camp shoes or hiking boots. Wear sunglasses to avoid sand reaching your eyes


Make sure you wear long jeans as opposed to shorts. These safaris include rides on camel back. Camel hair is rough, and you would most likely feel uncomfortable throughout the entire trip. Cover up in case of powerful winds. If you have decided to go on the overnight business safari you might want to pack a jacket. Even though it is unbearably hot most afternoons, it tends to get chilly in the nights.

Make sure that you pack all the essentials before you head out on the trip all together as purchasing items one you get to the location may not be possible. Therefore make sure that you go to a mens underwear sale and purchase all the extras you may need for your trip. This is to make sure that you will be able to not only manage during the time away on your safari but also enjoy it knowing that you have all your essentials in place.


Make sure your camera is charged fully and that you have a power back for your phone. Flashlights and extra batteries help if you are planning on going on an overnight desert safari. It is also necessary that you pack enough toilet paper and other sanitary items. Include wet wipes as there will be no stop for you to freshen up.

After deciding on which safari to experience, your first stop would be a camel farm. Once you have finished going for a camel ride, they would voluntarily educate you about the various types and breed of camels and how to tell them apart.

Heading to the campsite, you could choose if you would prefer riding a camel or getting back in the 4×4 and driving to the site. On the way, you can try your hand at sand boarding.

This could be the most exhilarating trip you could have if you pack right and go prepared.

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