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September 23, 2021

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What to look for when buying a GPS Vehicle Tracking System in 2019

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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

GPS vehicle tracking system has become immensely popular all around the world nowadays. Its application is extremely high across the industries. There are numerous suppliers available for these devices. But the quality offered through various forms must be considered while purchasing the product. Such quality can be determined based on the three operations of the tracker device. They are the way upon which the data is transmitted to the server, transmitted data type and how such transmitted data reach the user. It is applicable for different types of vehicles such as trucks, buses, cars, motorcycle, vans. So, the specialized GPS tracking system vary from vehicle to vehicle. Along with the recent innovations and technology in the industry, type(s) of vehicle(s) should also be taken into account for choosing ideal tracking system. These devices have become an important factor for achieving greater efficiency regarding performance and cost. 

For any journey, GPS tracker online can provide real-time location and navigation-history data about the vehicle. It also provides service in the form of safety, and various beneficial functions for the people. Every year various challenges and risks are arriving day by day. GPS technology is constantly evolving to meet such challenges. There are lot of advantages in installing a tracker on vehicles that are used for both personal and business purposes. They are as follows:

  • Security and theft recovery
  • Optimized route planning 
  • Pre-emptive vehicle maintenance
  • Improved customer service
  • Lower cost 

The key aspects to look for before buying GPS tracker online. The first thing to do while looking for GPS  tracker online is to be clear about your needs and requirements. You must have a clarity of knowledge about why you want the system, essential features to meet up your purpose and the substantial amount of money.

  • Design and traits of the tracker
  • Real time tracking system vs passive tracking system
  • Costs and support
  • Theft prevention
  • Alert, notification and report feature
  • Quality mapping and location interval 

Design and traits of the tracker

While buying a vehicle tracker, the design and feature means a lot for choosing the best one. The device must be solid and water resistant to sustain even in poor environment conditions inside the vehicle. The GPS and GSM antenna have to be well-placed so that the GPS signals can received and the location data can be transmitted properly via GSM.

Real time tracking system vs passive tracking system

The GPS tracking system in the real-time/active tracking system uses cellular/satellite modem. The data is continuously updated to the server based on the predetermined frequency. It may range from 15 seconds to once a day depending upon the provider. Because of the continuous transmission, there will be no loss of data. 

The passive tracker system contains a receiver unit which will store all the GPS data and transfer it to the server once it reaches the headquarters. The storage period of passive system varies from 7 days to 60 days based on their memory capacity. Sometimes shortage of memory may occur and the old data will be overwritten by the new data and be lost forever.

Cost and support 

Before purchasing the device, consider the initial selling price as well as the monthly subscription price. Also, make sure that the tracker has at least one year warranty and the service is reliable and dependable for your requirements. The tracker is the hindmost line of defense for the security of the vehicle. So, it should have a capable customer support to help you in case if needed. 

Theft prevention 

The location of the vehicle will be continuously updated by the real-time tracking system. Due to the live updates, the lost vehicle can be found quickly and easily. Because of this facility, the implementation of GPS tracking system is very much preferred by the companies. 

Alerts, Notification, and Report feature 

Certain alerts and notifications like over speed alert, remote security alert, Ac alert, Fencing alert, smartphone notifications, fuel notifications will be helpful during the journey. The useful reports that can be generated by the device included Km summary, executive report, trip sheet and parking report. These are also the import aspects of the tracker device.

Quality mapping and location interval

The GPS tracking system should be assisted with a fine mapping provider along with different views like satellite, street map etc. The location intervals should be less(5s-10s) for obtaining the accurate location of the vehicle.Conclusion: The satisfaction of having a GPS vehicle tracking system makes it a necessity for both personal and business uses. It can be achieved only by a thorough research to choose the best fitting device. The tracker helps to know about the whereabouts of the employees and vehicle which plays an important role in running the business smoothly. It also helps parents to ensure the safety of their child. So, make sure if you can utilize the full potential of the chosen tracker, requirements are suitable, price is reasonable and presence of software and mobile app facility before purchasing.

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