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What To Look For In Cheap Wholesale Custom Jewelry Boxes?

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wholesale custom jewelry boxes

wholesale custom jewelry boxes

Shopping for wholesale custom jewellery boxes does not imply that you have to spend a fortune. It is possible to find attractive and ravishing boxes that are inexpensive and within your budget range. All it requires you to make an effort and spend a considerable amount of time to find what you are looking for in a box. Success does not come to you, you go to it, and this is true when you have a brand to promote. When you do your search, you probably find women’s jewellery boxes that are captivating but costly, and those that are cheap are ugly. So, you need to be in the middle position.

Cheap Jewelry Boxes – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When you go out to buy a jewellery box, it does not have to be an overwhelming process. You need to know the difference between good, bad, and ugly. Good boxes are attractive. These ones are meticulously designed with no flaws and have a smooth and sleek finishing. They help in promoting the brand more effectively, and you don’t have to make a considerable effort. Next comes the bad ones, who have an okay design but comes with a lot of flaws. They have rough edges, and the appeal is not smooth. After that comes the ugly ones. These are the boxes that should be avoided at all costs, even if they fit within your budget. It is because they are known to degrade the appeal of your product.

Identifying Your wholesale custom jewelry boxes Needs

Cheap jewellery boxes can turn out to be expensive if they don’t meet your specific requirements, and you have to get them replaced after a few months. When you are shopping for jewellery boxes, you need to know what sort of jewellery you are going to brand. Are you more into rings or earrings, or you just prefer to go with any one of them? Are you selling chunky or delicate chains? Further, in the men’s category, you can go for selling watches or cuff links. Also, you need to identify the number of compartments you want inside your box. Next, consider the amount of space you need for your box.

Charming jewellery boxes can also be used in different ways, such as:

  1. Decorative items
  2. Cardboard gift boxes
  3. Stacking trays

Moreover, you can have your jewellery boxes made with die-cut windows, so the customers have a clear vision of what is present inside. Also, if you are presenting it as a gift box to someone, you have an enclosed box.

Quality Features of Cheap wholesale custom jewelry boxes

Before buying the jewellery boxes, you need to carefully determine whether they will survive long or not. For that you need to:

  1. Consider the compartments and lining
  2. Compartments needs to be large enough to fit several sizes of same or different jewellery items.
  3. The compartments should be made with velvet, satin or something soft. It protects the items from getting scratches and also prevent tarnishing.
  4. Consider the wood or fabric of the box.
  5. The material should be solid, smooth and not chipped.
  6. Fabric should be padded, and there should be no signs of crumples on the edges or sides.
  7. Solid wood jewellery boxes or fabric ones are more durable as compared to the pressboard interiors and wood veneer exteriors.
  8. The finishing of wooden boxes is also important. Lacquered finishes are smooth and easier to dust.
  9. Examine the hinges and drawer slides. Drawers should be easy to slide smoothly and not catch or show signs of breaking.
  10. Hinges needs to be solid and not wiggly.wholesale custom jewelry boxes

The Jewelry Box as Family Heirloom

Jewellery boxes do not have to be expensive, and even if they are not, they can be family heirlooms. It is because memories are not associated with them. Poor quality boxes won’t survive for long, but high-quality and inexpensive jewellery boxes will last for years to come, and you can enjoy using it.

Keeping these points in mind will help you in selecting the right boxes for your brand. Choose the professional company and share all the relevant details with them of what you want. And they provide you with the right size and accurate boxes.

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