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What should you consider while choosing a diamond engagement ring?

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diamond engagement ring

It can be very confusing and tricky while deciding to buy an engagement ring. You get many questions about what style, what design, what setting you should choose for your engagement ring to give a pleasing proposal to your future fiancée.

If you have made your mind about buying a diamond ring for her, then you must be confused about how to choose the perfect diamond ring that she could treasure for the rest of her life.

It’s not always that women want the ‘Wow factor’. You must balance those ‘Wow factor’ while choosing the ring so she could feel comfortable while wearing it.

Therefore you must consider some valuable factors by keeping it in mind so your fiancé could wear it very often with comfort everywhere.

Consider the number of prongs

A ring with intricate designs with several diamonds held in place through the small metal prongs coming from the metallic band otherwise called pave set. Make sure that the ring does not have more than necessary prongs as it can latch on to her clothing, hair or skin, where she can scratch her skin with it.

Also, you can choose a ring which has channels instead of prongs to held together with the diamonds. This way, there would be no harm to her, and the diamond would still look stunning.

Consider the shape of the stone

Although it’s important to consider the 4Cs while shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you must take extra care while choosing the shape of the stone and their cuts.

The shape and cut must feel smooth to touch, so she would not injure herself with the stone. Buy a diamond of adequate size she can wear it comfortably wherever she goes even to her work.

Consider the shape of the ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings are made to wear it regularly on a daily basis that has been on the norm for a long time.

But if you are to choose a ring with some heavily intricate designs such as butterflies, Eros or something other romantic shapes, your fiancé might only want to wear it in special occasions and put it on the jewellery box other times; then it would not serve the purpose of why you bought the ring in the first place.

Therefore choose the proper shape of the ring which she can wear regularly and treasure it at the same time.

Consider the expense

Judge the market properly before buying an appropriate silicone  ring from a reliable shop who gives fair pricing of their product. Try to refrain from buying an extremely expensive ring.

Your lady might feel self-conscious about her ring at the time she might feel anxious about wearing it outside. Hence choose a tungsten carbide  ring  for men which would match her lifestyle and attitude.

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