September 18, 2021

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Investing in the Future with Education and University of Phoenix

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There was a time when most workers strictly focused on physical skills and had no part of the tech industry. Then, specialized roles started dealing more with technology, and a highly selective group was determined to need training in these areas. Now, workers on every level are likely to work with technology. Modern businesses need to address the rise of technology when contemplating the future of their workplaces.

Companies can gain huge value if they are willing to invest in employees with training and educational options. Workers have to be able to keep up with the shifting nature of their jobs in order to remain effective as needs, systems and technologies evolve.

Businesses of all sizes are targeted by hackers, not just larger firms. System breaches require time and funds to recover from and restore. They also cause damage not just to infrastructure and customer data lost but also to a company’s public reputation. supplement other cybersecurity programs available through University of Phoenix that provide more insight to students interested in the specialty fields of network forensics or digital forensics.

Employers should invest in the future by building up their employees for upward mobility. As technology changes, workplaces and task lists should evolve. The worker today should be well-equipped to navigate the shifting landscape of digital migration and workplace technology.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that in 2018 only 51 percent of companies offered any kind of tuition assistance. SHRM says this number has decreased from the 66 percent offering tuition assistance a decade earlier in 2008. Even fewer companies offer direct connection to educational resources that don’t require their employees to seek out assistance benefits.

One of the best ways to help employees learn crucial modern skills is through ongoing education. Employers can help prepare their teams by offering opportunities for growth and higher education. It is ideal for companies to have these systems in place so they can attract top talent that is interested in staying on top of the changing trends.

Workers who never needed virtual skills or tech knowledge in the past now face increased demand for digital fluency. From bartenders to nurses to farmers, technology touches every industry and impacts nearly every role. Understanding digital offerings is key for companies to stay on top of changes that improve efficiencies and competitive edge.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix first opened in 1976 as a community brick-and mortar university. By 1989, the university became accredited as an online school. University of Phoenix contributed to change in higher education by targeting working adults who needed flexibility in order to get postsecondary educational degrees and improve their career paths. The university offers more than 30 different undergraduate degrees and handed out over 24,000 diplomas to undergrads in 2019.

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