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What Is Virtual Private Network and What are its Types?

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Today, only a person who is completely isolated from the possibilities of the World Wide Web has not come across the abbreviation VPN. However, not everyone understands what this term means. Most often, the creation of a virtual private network is the prerogative of those who need access to content blocked in a particular region, but the original purpose of this technology is completely different. VPNs appeared long before the “era of blocking” began: back in the distant 60s, leading engineers at one of the famous telephone companies in New York created the first virtual telephone network. At that time, the priority was primarily the confidentiality of voice information, but now this system is more universal. You can Get the Best VPN for the UK on internet.

The essence and principle of work

At its core, a VPN is a technology that allows you to create absolutely secure communication channels with the Internet, information through which passes in encrypted form, hiding the real IP addresses of users. Thus, it makes traffic unavailable for interception from the outside and protected from illegal use, despite the possibility of authentication from different places and from any operating system. The principle of operation of a virtual private network VPN is quite simple: at the moment a user goes online, a kind of tunnel is formed between the global web and his device, access to which is blocked. At the same time, its presence does not affect the speed or other aspects of work.

It can be used for different purposes:

  • When connecting via Wi-Fi in public places, encrypting your data will help protect it from intruders.
  • In corporate networks, this connection is necessary to organize secure access of employees to the Internet and control their traffic.
  • If there are several networks of different levels, data exchange is carried out via VPN.
  • If you need to get access to specially protected information in the field of finance or law, an exclusively secure connection is used.

And, of course, blocking bypass is extremely common today: users around the world download information from closed resources; use websites blocked on work PCs, and hide their browsing history from providers.

Methods for organizing virtual private networks-Organization can be carried out in one of four main ways:

  • Remote access to the local network via modem or public network. This model is widely used by VPN UAEare located in central offices, as well as by providers that provide clients with access to the Internet from the outside.
  • Intranet VPN-The essence of this method is to create a common network of offices, each of which has its own server. This arrangement is appropriate for organizing the work of branch offices and for the smooth and secure exchange of data between users.
  • Extranet VPN-Network segments in this variant of the VPN organization can belong to different organizations, therefore, the differentiation of access to resources is required.
  • Client / Server VPN-Provides protection of data passing through the channel within the same segment.

The transfer of information through secure communication channels is gaining popularity more and more rapidly, and the technology of virtual private networks VPN is becoming more popular every day. It has also been implemented in ICS – an Internet gateway designed for comfortable work in corporate networks. This integration allows you to achieve the most effective traffic protection and control required.


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