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What is UKRI Endorsement in Global talent Visa?

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First and foremost let us understand what a global talent visa is. A global talent visa is a visa category for extremely talented people. Now, what do we mean by extremely talented people? People who have proven to be thought leaders or exceptional at what they do by other means and are known and respected for their knowledge and talent. These are the people who get a Global Talent Visa to enter the UK.

Now, the next question in the line of questions that comes to us is what is UKRI? UKRI stands for UK research and Innovation. As mentioned on their website, “UKRI convenes, catalyses and invests in close collaboration with others to build a thriving inclusive research and innovation system.” They intend to inspire you to know.

Recently, UKRI put out a feeler where they have invited inputs on the fact that which funders do everyone think should be announced as endorsed funders for the Global Talent Visa Fees.

A talented individual is like a hidden treasure. There are many who want to reach it to benefit from its riches but only a few have the resources to actually do it. UKRI is working towards creating a list of endorsed funders to help more talented individuals receive Global Talent Visa. Consult an immigration solicitor in the Uk if you want to apply for the same.

Now, how do you know if you qualify for a UKRI endorsement that can help cover your Global talent Visa fees? It is actually quite simple. If you are a researcher working on a grant or award that you received by a funder for scientific research and innovation and the said funder is on the list of approved or endorsed funders by the UKRI then you can be eligible for the endorsement.

A few more requirements for eligibility are that your grant must be of a minimum £ 30,000. Your name or job title should be on the grant application. Your contract should have a minimum of 2 years pending before completion. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time working for the same.

One good thing is that the endorsed funders don’t necessarily have to be based in the UK.

Once you are sure of your eligibility you can make the application for endorsement to UKRI and you will get a revert within a week and then you will have to make a Global Talent Visa Application. You can apply for a Global Talent Visa along with your endorsement or after your endorsement is approved. In case you apply with endorsement but your endorsement is refused by the UKRI, your application will be rejected and a refund will be processed for your Global Talent Visa fees after a deduction of £25. You should consult an immigration solicitor in the UK before making the application for either.

The visa process has no bearing or relation to the endorsed funder. The only thing you require from the funder is a written letter with all details of your grant as proof which is to be submitted with your endorsement application. Your eligibility is contingent on this. In case you do not get the endorsement from UKRI, you may get an endorsement from peer review.

Peer review is done by the Royal Society (medicine and science), Royal Academy of Engineering and British Academy for Humanities. You can apply as an exceptional talent or exceptional promise in your field. These are two types of Global Talents Visas.

Hope this article gave you some insight into endorsements. For more information visit also it’s best to consult an immigration solicitor in the UK.

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