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What Is The IPC-A-160 Standards And Training In PCB Manufacturing?

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IPC-A-160 Standards

IPC-A-610 is also known as Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies. It is a certificate for the individuals involved in any electronic assembly, which the Association Connecting Electronics Industries issued. IPC-160 standard revision is necessary training for the workers working in the electronic manufacturing industry to manufacture boards. This certificate is authorized to that electrician responsible for the quality and reliability of various electronic assemblies.


With the help of this certificate, the workers are also allowed to train other individuals on different subjects like soldering principles, requirements for jumper wire assembly, and criteria of surface mounting.

The IPC-A-610 is considered a standard of an electrician in the electronic manufacturing industry that decides what is acceptable and what is not.


The process includes training and a certification process to an individual who will be allowed to provide electronic manufacturing services with quality, qualified, and will also be allowed to deliver fair products in the industry.


In the world of the production of PCBA, the electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS), IPS-A-160 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies is the verified standard used by our company to define the quality in the PCBA production.

Certification process and Training of IPC-A-610

The training is based on the documents of IPC-A-610, and this is a criterion of acceptance of assembled electronics. The components are soldered to the circuit board in electronics and were few steps away from the installation; this time, IPC-A-160 becomes prevalent in the electronic industry. These documents are designed in different manners like the product is sent for inspection before a customer.


IPC got accreditation from the ANSI. The IPC documents is a tool that is used for the final inspection of the product to make sure that the customer gets what he ordered without any error or malfunction issues in it.


There are many chapters in the IPC document covering different topics like general requirements for solder connections and specific needs for various components used in other electronics products, and many more.


The Standards of IPC

A minor defect in the electronic item may damage the product, and maybe it is also risky for the end-user. But such errors can be reduced by following some standards. More than 4000 members are making and designing PCBs and their assemblies by collaborating with The Industry Association.


These are not limited to the following industries:-

  • Military and aerospace
  • Automotive
  • IT
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Telecommunications


These associations meet to consider the criteria and changes that are required for the betterment of the industry. This is the reason we rely entirely upon these associations so that they can build an effortless assembly. Although, their number of advantages of using these criteria, for example:-


  • Now the customer and manufacturers can use a common language while discussing the standards of quality.
  • The requirements of qualified and non-qualified are also defined with IPC standards.
  • Minimizes the cost of rework when the production is aware with halt production of the product even before the error is multiplied in all the boards.


Exciting training and certification of IPC-A-160 for different employees of different companies

The attendee of training campaigns is known as EMS or Electronic Manufacturing Services. These companies assemble the printed circuit boards with inspections for their clients.


The customers also admire the training campaigns because they simplify the communication to the suppliers and perform the inspection of income from the products. Not only this but such training is also adapted by the companies who work for the commissioned designing for the customers.


IPC-610 and PCBAs

IPC-160 defines the standard criteria for electronic assemblies and decides the requirements for solder fabrication and other manufacturing steps of electronics products. IPC-160 is divided into three levels based on quality and the use of the boards by the customer.


Soldier Tools offering training its employees on these standards for manufacturing second-class boards, and it can also build third-class panels after specialization. If you find it challenging to select a suitable class for your board, you can contact any member of our staff for a free consultation without any hesitation.


The Value of IPC-A-610 certificate and training 

The most crucial benefit of an IPC certificate is that it can prevent using the faulted electronic product or not match the customer’s standards. If the customer received any malfunctioned product, then it may cause the loss of a considerable amount of money.


Take Away

With the excellent training and inspection, people will get to know a better and wrong product for their circuit. As a result, only a couple of complaints are received from our customers who received our product, and there is also no loss of money caused to the customer.

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